HIdden Gems

With all the hidden gems being released on DVD and WWE Network, do you know if WWE has the house show title changes of 1993 filmed and sitting in a vault?  Will we ever see Shawn regaining the IC Title over Marty Jannetty where Diesel debut, or the title switches
between Money Inc and the Steiners?

Even the MOM/Quebecers title changes from 1994?  Those would be cool to see.

The Shawn title win was definitely taped, but no idea if we'll ever see it.  Ditto for Money Inc and the Steiners.  Given the accidental nature of the Quebecers deal, I doubt they had the forethought to tape that one.  One that I'm curious about is the Jarrett-Ramon ladder match title switches in Montreal from 95, though.  Were I betting man, I'd say yes.