Rocky Fight Star Ratings

Hey Scott,

Since you are as pumped for Creed 2 as I am I thought I would give my own personal star rankings for the fights in all the Rocky series. Enjoy.

Rocky Balboa vs Spider Rico *. Some decent action at the end but this fight was getting booed by the crowd.

Rocky vs Apollo Creed ****1/2. Perhaps the best in ring David vs Goliath story ever told. Loses a half point only because of no knockout.

Rocky vs Apollo II ****.  Not as good as the original and kind of an odd way to end it. Still a great fight and one of the great feel good moments of all time

Rocky vs Thunderlips **1/2 The first of the two garbage style brawls on the list. Entertaining but the double DQ ending really hurts it.

Rocky vs Clubber Lang *1/2. Short squash fight overshadowed by Rocky’s trainer dying but it did get Clubber over as a dominant force.

Rocky vs Clubber II ***1/2. Another short bout between these two but nonstop action. Some might have gotten tired of Rocky winning all the time but I think the right guy went over, and having Apollo by his side really brought everything full circle and made for a unique new dynamic/

Rocky vs Apollo III- No Rating. The camera cut out right after the fight started. Legend has it Apollo won. Based on their first two fights it was probably really good.

Apollo vs Ivan Drago- No Rating. I can’t, in good conscience, give a rating to a fight where someone dies. This was supposed to be an exhibition.

Rocky vs Drago *****. The greatest fight of all time. Words can’t describe how amazing it was.

Tommy “The Machine” Gunn vs Union Cane. 1/2*. Basically a squash and no one cared about these two. The crowd just wanted Rocky. (For time purposes we are just going to skip over Gunn’s fights before this one)

Rocky vs Gunn “Street Fight Match”- ***. The buildup for this was, of course terrible, but it was actually a pretty good fight.

Rocky vs Mason “The Line” Dixon-****1/4 Shockingly good fight, considering Rocky was considered over the hill and Mason didn’t really have any credibility. Rocky’s last fight ever and we went out with a classic.

Adonis Creed vs Jobber * Gets a star for the awesomeness of Adonis taking off his gloves before the fight was even over

Adonis vs Gabriel Rosado *1/2  I honestly don’t remember much about this fight except that Adonis won pretty easily.

Adonis vs “Pretty” Ricky Conlan **** Great fight although almost identical in booking style to Rocky vs Creed 1 and Rocky vs Dixon, although ranked lower because the other two told a little bit better in ring story. Still it was fantastic action and made Adonis into a superstar.

Adonis vs Viktor Drago ******. I know this fight hasn’t happened yet but I am just going to go ahead and predict the first ****** fight in boxing history.

Bold prediction there.  Rocky v. Drago, complete with training montage in the snows of Russia, is a tough bar to clear.  I feel like Adonis Creed is going to need at least one montage to properly prepare, if not more.  You don’t just fight the Russians without first condensing weeks of training into a 2 minute sequence set to hard rock!  IT’S JUST BASIC SCIENCE, PEOPLE.

Holy shit I’m gonna see this movie so many times when it comes out.