2019 Hall of Fame

Who do you see headlining the 2019 Hall of Fame?

While I think there should be some ECW guys going in this year, none of them are headline guys. Dreamer, Taz, and Bigelow I could see going in this year as lower level guys and the obligatory local dead guy.

If you look at WCW, who’s left? Scott Steiner won’t be given a live mic, much less headline. Luger is less than half the size as he was when he in the business. Although I think an illness also contributed to his shrinkage, getting off the juice is a big reason. I think they want to avoid showing him on camera. What about Sid? Definitely should be in, but more of a solid co-headliner, eh? Could you see him in the top spot?

Attitude Era has Christian that isn’t active but that’s not a great class leader as far as name value. Big Show, Kane, Jericho, Taker, Triple H and Rock are all active or rumored to be active soon. Of course, Angle is in and becoming an active wrestler but I think they at least try to make it non-active guys. Ruthless Aggression Era has Brock, Orton, and Cena that are all consistently still performing. Batista could get the itch to make a short return after Smackdown 1000.

So who’s left? NWO group introduction? Vince McMahon? CM Punk as the "holy shit, hell froze over" candidate like Bret, Bruno and Warrior?

They really should have put Vader in before he died, so this is probably where they’ll get around to it. I can see Sid headlining, or maybe Luger since they’re on good terms now. Hopefully they let Sid write his own speech if they induct him, that’s all I ask.