WWF Superstars – May 30th, 1992

May 30, 1992

From the War Memorial in Syracuse, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Mr. Perfect.

This week in action are Legion of Doom, Papa Shango, Big Bossman, and Natural Disasters.


Legion of Doom w/ Paul Ellering vs. Kato & Rich Mitchell

Kato tries to get Animal to chase him but gets caught with a powerslam. Vince mentions that the LoD get their nutrition through ICOPRO and how we will hear more about that in the future. We now hear from the Beverly Brothers & The Genius who say the LoD wear shoulder pads and makeup because they are sissies. The LoD stay in control then put Mitchell away with the Doomsday Device (1:49).

Thoughts: Well, we get out first ICOPRO mention on WWF TV as the LoD/Beverly Brothers feud continues to get a lot of TV time.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This week’s focus is on the curse Papa Shango has over the Ultimate Warrior as we see clips of how this all started as Okerlund tries to sell us that any doubts we had as to whether this was a curse or not was answered last week when black liquid poured from Warrior’s head.


Papa Shango comes out for his match against Brian Brieger. Before the bell rings, Shango goes into a trance then the lights turn out and we see a fire. The lights come back on as we see Brieger on the ground with his feet on fire while the black liquid pours from his head. The fire is put out with an extinguisher then Shango shakes his skull over Brieger.


Bob Bradley vs. Sgt. Slaughter

Vince talks about the Personal Fitness & Nutrition Expo and once again mentions ICOPRO. Slaughter uses a mat slam to counter a back drop then dumps Bradley across the top rope. Slaughter stays in control as we hear from The Mountie & Jimmy Hart in an insert promo brag about the power of the shock stick and its 80,000 volts. Slaughter beats on Bradley some more then uses a Cobra Clutch for the win (1:44).

Thoughts: We get some more hype for the Mountie/Slaughter feud as well as another mention about this ICOPRO.


An ad for the WBF Championship airs.


“The Model” Rick Martel vs. Jim Powers

The announcers talk about Lex Luger appearing in a special posedown at the WBF Championship PPV as Vince says the WBF will set the standard in drug free competition. I bet it will. Martel insults Tatanka in an insert promo then Powers takes control of the match. Powers gets a nearfall with a sunset flip but Martel avoids a dropkick then applies the Boston Crab for the win (1:55).

Thoughts: Besides the Martel/Tatanka feud the announcers also talked about Luger. And for those wondering why Luger was only part of WBF stuff was due to his contract.


We get another plug for the “Crunch Classic” Coliseum Home Video release.


Natural Disasters vs. Duane Gill & Mike Fury

The Disasters beat on Fury as we hear from Money Inc. in an insert promo making lame puns about outsmarting the Disasters. Gill tries to help out his partner but gets run over then Fury gets put away with a pair of splashes (2:58).

Thoughts: A boring match for a feud no one cares about. The Money Inc. promos suck and that’s saying something since DiBiase was really good on the stick.


Big Bossman vs. Dave Roulette

The announcers mention how Bossman has been on edge of late due to the convict being released. Bossman beats down Roulette then quickly puts him away with a sidewalk slam (1:05). After the match, Bossman stands over Roulette but we see a large man in orange prison fatigues run through the crowd and then into the ring where he attacks Bossman. I should add that the convict’s offense looks like complete shit. Anyway, the convict cuffs Bossman to the ropes then hits Bossman in the leg with the nightstick a few times. The convict then takes a key out of his pocket and uncuffs Bossman from the ropes and puts his hands behind his back. The convict cuffs Bossman’s hands behind his back then takes the nightstick and chokes him out. Bossman gets slapped a few times then kicked in the ribs as Vince screams how Bossman is unconscious despite Bossman rolling around on the mat. The convict stays on the attack as Vince screams how no one deserves this then he backs off a few officials before leaving through the crowd. Bossman is now rolled over as Perfect notes the cuffs were broken off then puts over the sound when Bossman’s leg was hit and sells it like Bossman broke his leg.

Thoughts: So after several weeks the convict finally makes his debut. It was former AWA wrestler Kevin Kelly who according to Wade Keller from the “Pro Wrestling Torch” was wearing lifts in his boots and if that was true it would somewhat explain his clumsiness in this segment. He also had some of the shittiest knee lifts I’ve ever seen. The beatdown itself lasted for a time and you think it would get some heat as a result and due to how hard this has been pushed but it barely got a reaction. The announcers really sold the beatdown as if Bossman’s leg was broken and he was seriously injured. Then again, this was the 4th show of this taping and after the past three weeks of “Superstars” its understandable why the crowd was dead.


The Berzerker w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Glen Ruth

The announcers talk about the convict as Berzerker beats down Ruth. Vince then believes Bossman will be out of action for a long time as Berzerker ties Ruth up in the ropes. Berzerker stays in control then tosses Ruth over the top rope and wins via count out (1:59).

Thoughts: This was meant as a cool down match but the segment before this did not have heat.


We get that same awful Crush promo from the junkyard. Who was responsible for his introductory vignettes?


Next week in action are Bret Hart, Beverly Brothers, and Crush. Plus, an update on the Big Bossman and an interview with Papa Shango.


Final Thoughts: The big angle here (Bossman getting attacked by the convict) did not get over live and we are continuing to push voodoo and bodybuilding as the top things on the show. The post WrestleMania slump continues to grow stronger.