WWF Wrestling Challenge – May 24th, 1992

May 24, 1992

From the Niagara Falls Convention Center in Niagara Falls, NY

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

This week in action are Legion of Doom, Shawn Michaels, Repo Man, and Big Bossman. Plus, an interview with Sgt. Slaughter and more!


Legion of Doom w/ Paul Ellering vs. Von Krus & Brian Brieger

Animal dropkicks Brieger then we hear from LoD & Ellering in an insert promo telling the Beverly Brothers & The Genius that they will find out who are the real sissies then Hawk tells the Beverly Brothers they look like the “upstairs and downstairs butler of Boy George.” That was quite the line. The LoD beat down Brieger then do the same to Krus when he tags in as the announcers talk about the Fitness & Nutrition Expo. The LoD stay in control then put Krus away with the Doomsday Device (2:03).

Thoughts: More hype for the LoD/Beverly Brothers feud and mention of the Fitness Expo.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. Same as Superstars that focused on Papa Shango’s curse over the Ultimate Warrior.


Repo Man vs. Sonny Blaze

Repo Man beats down Blaze as Gorilla talks about his feud with the British Bulldog. Heenan is scared about what Papa Shango could do to them and wants to befriend him but we then hear from Bulldog in an insert promo telling Repo Man he did not complete his job and that he never forgets. Repo Man works the leg of Blaze before putting him away by grapevining the leg (2:05). After the match, Repo Man hogties Blaze.

Thoughts: Besides talking about the Bulldog/Repo Man feud the announcers talked more about Shango’s curse.


An ad for WBF Magazine airs.


Flair & Perfect picnic from Superstars is shown where they play the answering machine message from Elizabeth.


Big Bossman vs. Bob Bradley

Bossman’s music is cut off then we hear the voice of the convict over the PA telling Bossman that he is out and coming after him. Bradley lands a few shots but gets taken down with an uppercut. Bossman hammers away then crotches Bradley against the ring post as he wants to know where the voice came from. Bossman continues to beat on Bradley then calls out the convict before hitting a sidewalk slam for the win (1:47).

Thoughts: This convict continues to taunt Bossman in the arena over the PA system as they hype up the eventual confrontation between the two.


Shawn Michaels w/ Sensational Sherri vs. Glen Ruth

We hear from Shawn & Sherri in an insert promo as Shawn takes offense over being called “spoiled” and says he just always takes what he wants and what he wants is the Intercontinental Title. Shawn beats on Ruth then tosses him outside. Sherri distracts Ruth so Shawn can hit a double axe handle from the apron then Shawn brings Ruth inside for a super kick then uses a teardrop suplex for the win (2:18).

Thoughts: They continue to tell us how Shawn is spoiled as he vows to become IC Champion.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Sgt. Slaughter to the interview platform. Okerlund asks Slaughter about getting shocked by The Mountie. Slaughter says he is here to make a pledge to The Mountie and that is he will not back down and totally annihilate him then closes this segment out by leading the crowd into the Pledge of Allegiance in honor of Memorial Day weekend. They trotted out Slaughter to honor Memorial Day (A role usually played by Jim Duggan who has been MIA) and continue to push his feud against The Mountie.


Rick Martel vs. Scott Taylor

Tatanka is shown in an insert promo pissed off at Martel for taunting him with his own eagle feathers as Heenan makes more ethnic jokes. Martel works over Taylor then puts him away with the Boston Crab (1:28).

Thoughts: The Martel/Tatanka feud continues as Tatanka has now replaced El Matador as Heenan’s favorite source of ethnic jokes.


An ad for the WBF Championship airs. Who the fuck would by this on PPV?


High Energy vs. Rich Mitchell & Dave Roulette

Heenan once again shits all over Koko’s outfit and Gorilla even joins in briefly on the fun. High Energy takes control early as Heenan calls Koko “Re-Run” and “Stymie.” High Energy then hit stereo slams and follow that up with stereo missile dropkicks for the win (2:21).

Thoughts: When you are a face team and given horrible ring attire that the announcers shit all over then you are not going far as a team. Poor Owen is really wasted with this team and look.


Ring announcer Mike McGuirk alerts us that Shawn Michaels has left the building.


The Berzerker w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Jay Sledge

Heenan talks about Berzerker promising a Viking Funeral for The Undertaker. The Berzerker beats down Sledge as the announcers hype up his future match against Undertaker. We get an insert of the “WWF Posters 2” book and the new Undertaker poster as Berzerker hits a front falling slam before tossing Sledge over the top rope and getting the win via count out (2:15).

Thoughts: The Undertaker/Berzerker feud continues to limp along.


Next week in action are Virgil, The Mountie, Money Inc., and the Challenge debut of Crush. Plus, an interview with Bret Hart and more!


Final Thoughts: The all out push to get Shango over as a feud continues as does the WBF Championship hype. This is not a fun time for WWF fans as these TV shows are tough to get through.