WWF Superstars – May 23rd, 1992

May 23, 1992

From the Onondaga War Memorial in Syracuse, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Mr. Perfect

This week, we will have an interview with the Ultimate Warrior. In action are Money Inc., The Undertaker, Kamala, and The Bushwhackers


The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer vs. Bill Pierce

The announcers talk about when Berzerker attempted to stab Undertaker with his sword. Pierce attacks Undertaker from behind to no effect then gets choked out in the corner. We then hear from Berzerker with Mr. Fuji in an insert promo as he promises to put Undertaker in a grave. Undertaker stays in control then puts Pierce away with a tombstone (2:23).

Thoughts: Since the Jake Roberts feud ended The Undertaker has been donwplayed tremendously and stuck in a lame feud with The Berzerker.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. We are shown what happened last week when the Ultimate Warrior experienced stomach pain after Papa Shango’s curse, resulting in Warrior vomiting up bile backstage. Okerlund tells us that it is becoming increasingly difficult to not see the curse Shango has over the Warrior. We then hear from Shango as he now tells Warrior he owns his soul and spirit. Okerlund also promises an interview with Warrior later on in the show. They are really trying to get Shango over with the voodoo stuff to the point the panel on “Prime Time Wrestling” was discussing whether or not voodoo was real. As you can see, creative has hit a new bottom.


Virgil vs. Duane Gill

Gill slaps Virgil but after that gets caught in an inverted atomic drop. Virgil then hits a clothesline before working the arm as the announcers talk about Lex Luger appearing at the WBF Championship for his own guest pose down. Virgil stays in control then puts Gill away with the Million Dollar Dream (1:47). Vince tells us that Virgil is a terrific, nice guy outside of the ring.

Thoughts: This match was a backdrop to talk about the WBF Championship and Lex Luger’s special posedown.


Money Inc. w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Jim Powers & Mark Kay

The announcers talk about the Money Inc./Natural Disasters feud as Powers clotheslines IRS. Kay tags in but IRS beats him down as Money Inc. takes control. Money Inc. continue to beat down Kay until IRS puts him away with a clothesline (1:52).

Thoughts: Money Inc. really lacks chemistry as a team. Its just two guys together who pretty much wrestle as if they were still doing singles matches. And they are in a weak feud with the Natural Disasters.


British Bulldog vs. Barry Hardy

Mr. Perfect tells us to wait until after the match to hear something that will blow our minds. Bulldog tosses Hardy into the corner as Vince says Bulldog is pound for pound the strongest man in the WWF. Bulldog stays in control as we hear from the Repo Man in an insert promo making dog puns about Bulldog to continue this feud then Bulldog puts Hardy away with a running powerslam (1:39).

Thoughts: More hype for the Bulldog/Repo Man feud which received a lot more TV time than I remember as a kid.


We are then shown Ric Flair, Perfect, and some girl having a picnic. Flair says for them life is a picnic and that they have the best that life can offer. Flair then tells us how Elizabeth will not leave him alone and even leaving messages on his answering machine. Perfect then puts Flair’s answering machine message tape in the player as we hear Elizabeth’s voice saying “how he misses him and promises an extra special homecoming” as Perfect tells Savage that he bought the cow while Flair gets the milk for free. It should be noted that Elizabeth never said who “him” was but after doctoring photos in an attempt to play mind games Flair is now resorting to using answering machine messages. Its like this feud will never end.


Bobby Knight vs. The Mountie w/ Jimmy Hart

An enhancement talent named Bobby Knight in Syracuse of all places. Vince grills Perfect about the message as Perfect claims Elizabeth will not leave Flair alone. Vince now talks about Mountie shocking Sgt. Slaughter as Mountie beats on Pierce. Mountie stays in control as we hear from Slaughter in an insert promo telling Mountie he will never surrender then Mountie hits a dropkick for the win (1:19). Vince reminds us that if the shock stick is used again there will be “punitive action” against Mountie.

Thoughts: They are putting over how Mountie will face serious ramifications if he does in fact use his new shock stick. The gimmick is lame and the feud with Slaughter is terrible but Mountie’s enthusiastic singing of his theme song is great.


Vince plugs the “Crunch Classic” Coliseum Home Video release including features on Jimmy Hart and Roddy Piper.


Okerlund welcomes the Ultimate Warrior to the interview platform. Warrior is sporting a WWF jacket. Okerlund asks Warrior if Shango’s voodoo is bothering him but Warrior said any weakness in his physical condition has been turned into a greater strength due to his Warriors. After telling Shango that the Warriors will conquer his voodoo and curses we then see black liquid pour from Warrior’s head. Warrior is then shocked as the liquid ends up on his hands as Vince screams about wanting to know what just happened. Warrior then leaves the platform as his music plays. Like I said before, they are really, really trying to get over Shango with this voodoo gimmick. And Warrior randomly wearing a jacket made it obvious the device causing this liquid to come out was hiding underneath. The cuidick


Vince Sola & Dublin Destroyer vs. The Bushwhackers

The announcers talk about the liquid coming from Warrior’s head and how they’ve never seen anything like that before. I’m sure that is the case. Butch works over the Destroyer as the announcers continue to talk about Shango’s curse over the Warrior. Sola tags in and The Bushwhackers quickly put him away with the battering ram (1:17).

Thoughts: Just a backdrop to talk about the previous segment.


Another ad for the WBF Championship airs.


Kamala w/ Harvey Whippleman & Kimchee vs. Kerry Davis

Kamala beats on Davis as Vince believes Davis might end up boiling in a pot with “carrots and potatoes.” Kamala hammers away then uses a splash for the win (1:22).

Thoughts: They are building up the veteran Kamala so expect him to be in a feud soon.


Vince shows us the newest edition of “WBF Magazine” which includes an article about the truth on steroids as Vince notes the WWF & WBF have an anti-steroid stance. Oy vey.


Next week in action are the Natural Disasters, Big Bossman, Legion of Doom, and Papa Shango. Plus, an update on the Ultimate Warrior and more!


Final Thoughts: Like last week, the main focus is on Papa Shango putting a curse on the Ultimate Warrior and hype for the WBF PPV. You can tell where Vince’s focus has been since WrestleMania ended because the wrestling TV product has been abysmal while he is trying to get the WBF to take off.