Hope! (Okay, not really)


I stumbled upon this while searching something completely unrelated, bizarrely enough. A fun enough article, even if I didn’t recognize half of the current roster. Some tried harder than others, clearly.

The reason I sent you this is not because it’s great (it isn’t), but because among other ECW guys imitated it features Sonya Deville (?) as… Raven! And since Shinsuke is featured as Sabu, I figure it isn’t that old. Okay, okay, I’ll check… July of this year. I’m guessing it’s just because the site is low on the priorities and thus oversight check list, but I still was a bit surprised (okay, I admit it, I just want to keep alive the (delusional) hope that ol’ Scott Levy will go in the Hall of Fame, and thus get some recognition and regular ‘talking head’ presence).

What did Raven ever do to warrant inclusion in the Hall of Fame?