WWF Wrestling Challenge – May 17th, 1992

May 17, 1992

From the Niagara Falls Convention Center in Niagara Falls, NY

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

This week’s featured match is the Beverly Brothers vs. The Bushwhackers. Also in action are Kamala, Bret Hart, and The Mountie. Plus, an interview with Randy Savage and more!


Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. Mike Fury

The announcers talk about the WBF Championship as Fury, who is huge, shoves Bret against the ropes. Bret escapes from a bearhug as Heenan says that Shawn Michaels will become the next Intercontinental Champion. Bret takes Fury down then softens up the legs. We hear from Bret in an insert promo as he says Shawn’s ability is focused in the wrong direction and is nothing but a spoiled brat. Bret hits Fury with a suplex and a Russian leg sweep before using a Sharpshooter for the win (2:24).

Thoughts: They are now pushing that Shawn is a spoiled brat, which seems a bit contrived, but will be used a lot going forward.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. Same as Superstars that focused on the Mountie shocking Sgt. Slaughter.


Kamala w/ Harvey Whippleman & Kimchee vs. Bill Pierce

The announcers put over Kamala’s size and unpredictability that make him a threat. Kamala destroys Pierce as Heenan puts over Lex Luger’s appearance on “WBF Bodystars” and how Luger will not compete at the championship due to fear of embarrassing the other competitors but will be there for a special pose down. Heenan also said he will introduce Luger. Kamala stays in control then puts Pierce away with a splash after being told repeatedly to roll Pierce over on his back.

Thoughts: Kamala is being presented as more simpleton than savage but we get more hype for Luger appearing at the WBF Championship.


We get a vignette of Crush at a junkyard saying that he eats guys like Rick Martel and The Mountie for lunch then says he has a “short stack” for breakfast while pointing at a few crushed cars that are all stacked up.


Tatanka vs. Von Krus

Tatanka works over Krus as Heenan makes fun of his stolen feathers. Tatanka then hits a flying chop before hitting a Samoan Drop for the win (1:22).

Thoughts: They put over the Tatanka/Martel feud with Heenan ragging on Tatanka throughout the match.


The Mountie w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Kerry Davis

We hear from Sgt. Slaughter in an insert promo telling Mountie that the shock stick will not stop him. Gorilla then notes that WWF President Jack Tunney stated that “punitive measures” will be taken next time Mountie uses his shock stick. Mountie beats on Davis then quickly puts him away with a dropkick (1:12). After the match, Mountie pulls the shock stick out of its case then threatens to use it on Davis as we hear the shock sounds but Davis escapes when the ref tries to intervene.

Thoughts: The new thing with the Mountie is that he threatens to shock people but if he does in fact use it again “punitive measures” will be taken.


An ad for the WBF Championship airs.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Randy Savage to the interview platform. Heenan claims that Elizabeth is calling up Ric Flair begging for him to take her back. Okerlund asks Savage about the rumors that next week, Mr. Perfect & Ric Flair will be revealing more evidence of Elizabeth’s relationship with Flair but Savage cuts him off and says there is no credibility and that they are all lies. Savage then tells Flair that Elizabeth means more to him than anything else and that while life and titles are temporary, nothing will change the fact that the WWF World Heavyweight Title belt was his before it was Flair’s. This feud has lost all of its juice and one of the coldest title feuds in a while.


Brooklyn Brawler vs. Mark Kay

Brawler hammers away but Kay comes back with a sunset flip for two. Brawler clotheslines Kay then rubs his face along the ropes as the crowd is silent. Brawler stomps Kay’s chest then soon after that puts him away with a superplex (1:38).

Thoughts: The roster depth is so shallow that they are now trotting Brawler out to get squash match wins. The focus on commentary was the title feud.


We hear from Papa Shango as he puts a curse on the Ultimate Warrior.


British Bulldog vs. Duane Gill

The announcers talk about the Bulldog/Repo Man feud as Bulldog takes control of the match. We then hear from the Repo Man in an insert promo saying his remedy for dogs is a choke chain as he dangles his rope then laughs about “impounding” Bulldog. Gill escapes from a chinlock but gets clotheslined then Bulldog hits a running powerslam for the win (1:46).

Thoughts: The Repo Man promos were terrible but at least in an amusing way. However, this feud sucks.


The announcers plug the newest edition of “WWF Magazine” that features a tribute to Hulk Hogan.


The Beverly Brothers w/ The Genius vs. The Bushwhackers

Blake attacks Butch from behind. Butch comes back with a knee to the gut then hits a facebuster. The Genius shows us the paint he promises to use on The Bushwhackers after the match then the Bushwhackers takes control. Beau then takes the scroll from The Genius and uses it to whack Butch as Blake covers for the win (1:22). After the match, The Beverly Brothers set up to paint Butch but the Legion of Doom run out for the save. Beau then sneaks from behind and hits Hawk with the scroll before running away.

Thoughts: Just a quick match designed to get heat on the Beverly Brothers/LoD feud. The Bushwhackers are well past their expiration date.


Next week in action are Big Bossman, Repo Man, Shawn Michaels, and the Legion of Doom. Plus, an interview with Sgt. Slaughter and more!


Final Thoughts: The featured match was for a struggling tag feud and the champ cut a promo for his dying feud as the company continues to put out a poor TV product.