WWF Superstars – May 16th, 1992

May 16, 1992

From the Onondaga War Memorial in Syracuse, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Mr. Perfect

In action this week are one of the Nasty Boys vs. Ultimate Warrior. Also in action are Shawn Michaels, Tatanka, The Berzerker, and Big Bossman.


Shawn Michaels w/ Sensational Sherri vs. Sonny Blaze

Shawn backs Blaze into the corner then fires away. Shawn then hits a corkscrew neckbreaker then a dropkick as Vince plugs a “WWF Magazine” article on the Shawn vs. Bret Hart feud. Shawn drills Blaze with a thrust kick then puts him away with a teardrop suplex (2:32). After the match, Shawn poses with Sherri laying underneath him as Vince is disgusted.

Thoughts: They continue to build up Shawn as an Intercontinental Title contender.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. We see the last few minutes of last week’s match between Ric Flair and Sgt. Slaughter that ended with Mountie costing Slaughter the match after hitting him with his shock stick. After that, Okerlund tells us that was the Mountie’s new shock stick which is more dangerous than before.


Barry Hardy vs. Tatanka

Vince talks about Rick Martel still possessing Tatanka’s eagle feathers. Tatanka chops Hardy down on the outside before rolling him back into the ring. Hardy turns around and gets dropkicked then Tatanka sends Hardy outside with a clothesline. We hear from Tatanka in an insert promo as he will seek revenge against Martel for disrespecting his heritage. Tatanka now fires away on Hardy before putting him away with a Samoan drop (1:59).

Thoughts: Good performance by Tatanka as his feud with Martel heats up.


An ad for the WBF Championship airs. It takes place on June 13th. Vince does the voiceover and promises we will see “U.S. Prime Grade A Beef.” What the fuck was Vince thinking here?


The Berzerker w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Scott Taylor

Vince tells us that Bobby Heenan will introduce Lex Luger at the WBF Championship as Perfect calls Luger the “total package.” Vince now talks about the Berzerker/Undertaker feud as Berzerker tosses Taylor around. We see an insert of the “WWF Posters 2” magazine then Berzerker tosses Taylor outside and gets the win via count out (1:53).

Thoughts: Besides hype for the Undertaker/Berzerker feud we had a Luger mention and learned Heenan will be affiliated with him at the WBF Championship. In his shoot interview, Luger mentioned how Heenan was at first worried that people would think he was “queer” by gushing all over Luger’s body and a bit scared of the pairing.


We get a vignette of Crush, who is now in a junkyard. He tells us how tough it is to crush his opponents night after night then shows us how he unwinds, which is by crushing cars inside of a compactor. Another terrible Crush vignette.


Jay Sledge vs. Repo Man

Vince plugs the Fitness & Nutrition Expo as we see Repo Man attack Sledge from behind. The British Bulldog is shown in an insert promo vowing revenge against Repo Man over being choked out with a rope then Repo Man uses a single leg crab for the win (1:17). After the match, Repo Man chokes out Sledge with his rope before fleeing.

Thoughts: More hype for this lackluster midcard feud. The heel side of the roster is really awful at the moment. Bulldog is popular but this is pretty much the best they can do with him for a feud. And, to make it worse, Bulldog was suspended as this match aired. The “Wrestling Observer Newsletter” listed it as a six week suspension but it looks like he was suspended at these tapings (4/29) and came back June 1st. Chris Walked was also suspended at this taping and never returned to the company.


Big Bossman vs. Glen Ruth

Mr. Perfect tells us that Shawn Michaels has left the building. Bossman beats down Ruth then puts him away with a sidewalk slam (1:28). After the match, Bossman’s theme song is cut off then we hear the voice from the vignettes over the PA system as he tells Bossman he has done his time and is now coming for him.

Thoughts: The convict is now stalking Bossman at the arenas to add a new wrinkle to this feud.


Brian Knobbs w/ Jimmy Hart & Jerry Sags vs. Ultimate Warrior

Vince says we will find out if Shango’s curse will have effect on Warrior this week. Warrior destroys the Nasty Boys and clears the ring as the crowd goes nuts. The Nasty Boys now gang up on Warrior outside of the ring then Knobbs takes control back inside. Knobbs stomps Warrior’s wrist band that was ripped off his arm then we see Papa Shango make his way to the ring. Shango takes the wrist band and holds it up but Warrior fights off the Nasty Boys then rubs Knobbs’ face into Sags armpit. Knobbs hammers away but Warrior runs him over. Hart is up on the apron to distract the ref while Sags hits Warrior with a chair. Sags then leaves as Knobbs covers but Warrior kicks out at two. Warrior then pumps up again and hits a few clotheslines before hitting a splash for the win (3:54) *. After the match, Sags runs back down as Vince proclaims Shango’s curse has had no effect on Warrior. Sags gets beat down then Shango returns to ringside as Vince still talks about the curse not effecting Warrior. Shango now shakes his skull while appearing to be in a trance of sorts while Warrior celebrates on the apron. Warrior now clutches his stomach then falls off of the apron as Perfect says this is Shango’s curse. Warrior rolls around on the floor as Vince hopes it is not appendicitis. Perfect says this curse resulted in taking away Warrior’s wrist band as a few agents try to help Warrior backstage but he falls. Shango holds his skull over Warrior as Vince yells for him to get away then Shango raises his skull as Warrior is being helped away.

Thoughts: First off, the match itself was fine for what it was especially given the talent. However, what happened after the match is a whole other story. I know they had to put heat on Shango as Sid’s replacement for Warrior’s house show opponent but this was just a complete abomination both in execution and storyline.


Back in the dressing room we see Warrior in pain as he vomits up yellow bile that we saw end up on the forehead of the doctor. My son threw up yellow bile before he was hospitalized and it looked nothing like that.


Bobby Knight & “Jumping” Jim Brunzell vs. The Beverly Brothers w/ The Genius

Perfect talks about Shango using the wristband to put a curse on Warrior. So that’s how he did it! The Genius recites a poem about the “Legion of Sissies,” calling them the “Sissy Three.” We hear from Paul Ellering & LoD in an insert promo as Ellering wants them to destroy the Beverly Brothers. Brunzell hits Beau with an atomic drop then nearly puts him away with a rollup. Blake tags in and gets dropkicked but Knight tags in and gets destroyed until the Beverly Brothers put him away with the Shaker Heights Spike (1:49). After the match, the Beverly Brothers paint Knight’s face before writing “LOS” across his chest. They then put a really cheap wig resembling Animal’s hair before knocking him down.

Thoughts: Besides the talk about the Shango/Warrior stuff we got more hype for this crappy tag team feud.


Vince lets us know that Warrior has stopped convulsing and that we will have a full update next week.


In action next week are The Bushwhackers, Kamala, The Undertaker, and Money Inc.


Final Thoughts: Besides seeing one of the single worst segments in Superstars history, we saw a homoerotic ad for a bodybuilding PPV and a feud revolving around one team calling the other “sissies.” Its no wonder the house show business was tanking at this point. And things are not going to improve over the next several weeks, either, as the syndicated shows really amp up the WBF hype.