WWF Superstars – May 9th, 1992

May 9, 1992

From the War Memorial in Syracuse, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Mr. Perfect. The opening montage has completely removed Sid Justice.

This week’s featured match is Ric Flair vs. Sgt. Slaughter. Plus, the debut of Crush. Also, Kamala returns and the Legion of Doom are in action.


Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. Von Krus

Yes, Krus is in fact the future Big Vito. We hear from Shawn Michaels & Sensational Sherri in an insert promo saying they are a dynasty in the making and will break some hearts, with Bret’s being first. Bret works over Krus then quickly puts him away with the Sharpshooter (1:14).

Thoughts: Quick win for Bret as his feud against Shawn is getting a lot of TV play.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This week’s focus is on the British Bulldog vs. Repo Man match from last week’s “Wrestling Challenge” where Repo Man attacked Bulldog with his grappling hook. We then hear from Bulldog, telling Repo Man that he will not be tied down then he proceeds to flex.


Harvey Whippleman is in the ring. Howard Finkel introduces him as a “Doctor.” He introduces his newest client, Kamala.


Sonny Blaze vs. Kamala w/ Harvey Whippleman & Kimchee

Kamala immediately attacks Blaze. He stays on the attack as the announcers talk about Kamala knowing how to survive then Kamala gets the win with a splash after being prompted to turn his opponent on his back while making the cover (0:48).

Thoughts: Since Sid quit and Warlord was fired, Whippleman needed someone to manage and they brought in Kamala. I know they needed to bring in talent but Kamala is from a different era and does not seem like someone who should be pushed on TV. According to Kamala, Vince called him up to return and gave him a deal where he took out 15% of his gross and put into the bank and would give it back with interest after he finished the two-year deal. Kamala said he got the money back and it only wound up being $17,000 after just about two years as Kamala said it showed how little money he made during this run.


An ad for WBF Bodystars airs.


El Matador vs. Bob Bradley

Mr. Perfect tells us he has a letter addressed to the Big Bossman by the convict. The letter tells us that convict is out and that Bossman is nothing but a “pig without a prayer.” Matador hits a pair of dropkicks before working a side headlock on the mat then soon after that hits the El Paso de Muerte for the win (1:30).

Thoughts: They used Matador’s match as a backdrop for Bossman’s feud with the Convict, which tells you all you need to know about Matador’s standing in the company.


Legion of Doom w/ Paul Ellering vs. Mark Kay & Terry Davis

Davis gets dumped as the LoD Beat down Kay. Perfect tells us that the LoD are not too happy and that the Beverly Brothers are getting under their skin. Davis is in the match and he gets his ass kicked as we hear from the Beverly Brothers & Genius once again calling the “LoS” sissies then the LoD hit Davis with a Doomsday Device for the win (1:43).

Thoughts: Man, this LoD vs. Beverly Brothers feud is lame. They bring Ellering in for LoD then we get this shitty feud. Another problem was the sad state of the Tag Team division but use a better premise for a feud than the LoD being called sissies.


Kato vs. Crush

Kato came out to the Orient Express theme music. Crush runs over Kato to start. Kato rakes the eyes but gets tossed then Perfect plugs the WWF stars being on the “Family Feud.” Crush reverses an Irish whip and catches Kato with a backbreaker then hits a press slam as Vince is in all his glory. Crush flexes then hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker before finishing Kato off with a spinebuster (1:50). After the match we see Crush pick up Kato and raise his hand then Kato falls down.

Thoughts: Vince was really selling Crush here as an awesome specimen but the crowd did not share his enthusiasm. The terrible introductory vignettes also did not help Crush’s reaction here.


We see a vignette from Papa Shango. A picture of the Ultimate Warrior is burning as Shango talks about reigning over the Warriors. He also laughs a lot as he has now cursed Warrior. And he sure would curse Warrior and fans of wrestling in general.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Rick Martel to the interview platform. Martel has Tatanka’s feathers hanging off of his hat. Okerlund asks about last week when Martel “accidentally” sprayed arrogance into Tatanka’s eyes. Martel insults Okerlund then says the feathers are the new fashion trend in Europe. Okerlund has enough of Martel’s bullshit and said Tatanka averted serious injury but Martel said Tatanka cries too much and should be called “Whining Arrow.” Martel then promises Tatanka a “trail of tears” if he continues down this path. I actually like Martel’s heel work for this feud.


Ric Flair w/ Mr. Perfect vs. Sgt. Slaughter

Flair gets shoved down after a lockup as Slaughter starts mocking Flair. We now see The Mountie at ringside as Slaughter catches Flair with a slam. Jimmy Hart comes down with a narrow case and carefully places it behind The Mountie, who is now seated. Slaughter slams Flair again but soon after that gets whipped over the turnbuckle and falls outside. Mountie slowly loosens the case as Slaughter fights back against Flair. Slaughter is in control as Mountie pulls the item out of the case that the camera briefly shows before rapidly cutting away but its clearly his cattle prod. Slaughter suplexes Flair back inside of the ring then Mountie fires up the cattle prod as we hear its effects. Slaughter gets caught charging into the corner but is able to get up and slam Flair off of the top rope for a two count that Vince sells as a nearfall. Flair rakes the eyes and tries for a slingshot but that gets blocked so Flair turns that into a single leg crab. Slaughter catches Flair with a clothesline for two but misses an elbow drop. Perfect distracts the ref on the apron as Slaughter is hung up in the corner then Mountie shocks Slaughter with the cattle prod and Flair covers for the win (6:19) *1/2. After the match, Hart runs back down to take the case and scurries backstage as Mountie celebrates with Flair. Hart runs back down and celebrates as Mountie sings his theme song while Slaughter is stretchered backstage.

Thoughts: The point of this match was to get heat on Mountie for his feud with Slaughter, which needs a lot of help to make people care. And, after needing help to beat Jim Powers last week we now see Flair as a guy used to advance a crappy midcard feud. That shows you what they think of Flair. The work in the match was basic.


Nasty Boys w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Brian Brieger & Bill Pierce

Vince tells us that Slaughter is now conscious backstage. He also says that the Nasty Boys will soon be facing High Energy. Perfect comes back to the booth and Vince is irate over what happened to Slaughter but Perfect claims innocence. The Nasty Boys beat down their opponents then put Brieger away with the running powerslam/flying elbow drop combo (2:08).

Thoughts: We learn that Slaughter is okay and that we are getting a Nasty Boys vs. High Energy match in the future. Sounds great.


Next week, the featured match will be Ultimate Warrior against one of the Nasty Boys. We hear from the Nasties & Hart as they cut a promo on Warrior then Warrior himself runs them down and promises to put a curse on the Nasty Boys as he also calls out Papa Shango. Perfect says Warrior will feel the curse.


Final Thoughts: We saw Crush debut, learned that Shango has put a curse on the Ultimate Warrior, had Kamala return, and saw an angle for the Mountie/Slaughter feud. And to be honest all three of these things lacked heat on this show and just wait until what we have in store on next week’s show.

Speaking of Sid, he was done with the company. The official word from the company after he left the 4/26 Boston Garden show was that he was suspended. However, Sid had reportedly planned on quitting soon anyway. Plus, Sid also failed a drug test before WrestleMania VIII (Sid said he told Vince what he was using and that everyone knew who was using what anyway) so the company was not too pleased. Another note was how Dave Meltzer in the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter” noted this was the third straight year that Sid took the Summer off and ended up playing softball, earning Sid the “Softball Sid” moniker.