What the World Was Watching: WCW Saturday Night – February 25, 1995

The ending of the Hulk Hogan-Vader main event at SuperBrawl is shown.

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are tonight’s commentary team and they are taped from Atlanta, Georgia.  These tapings were done on February 22.

Schiavone narrates photographic footage from SuperBrawl.

Commissioner Nick Bockwinkel is with Schiavone and Heenan and says that Vader will face a fine for his actions in the hours leading up to the SuperBrawl main event.  WCW Champion Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart come out, with Hogan sporting a strap around his neck.  Hogan said he asked for a strap match because that is Vader’s specialty.  He admits that Vader had him down for a three count at SuperBrawl, which has damaged his psyche and he feels he has to do something.  Hart warns Ric Flair not to mess with them, with Hogan saying that he will put the strap around Flair at Uncensored and tear him apart.  Once again, WCW has Bockwinkel out there for a segment, has another wrestler come out, and they do not have him say anything despite Bockwinkel being one of the best talkers in the history of the sport.

Opening Contest:  Big Bubba Rogers & Avalanche (1-1) defeat Mark Thorn & Kip Abee when Rogers pins Thorn after a Bossman slam at 3:22:

Thorn did some token enhancement work for WCW in 1995, while Abee was a WCW enhancement mainstay in the 1990s.  Abee passed away in 2017 at the age of forty-nine.  As noted before, Rogers and Avalanche make a good team, although this squash is much more deliberate than their previous outing on WCW Pro.  Rogers gets the winning pin on Thorn and Avalanche gives the poor jobber the Avalanche Splash after the bell.

Gene Okerlund interviews Rogers and Avalanche, with Rogers complaining that they did not get a tag team title match while Randy Savage and Sting do.  This glosses over the fact that the heels lost cleanly to the babyfaces at SuperBrawl.  Avalanche promises that an Avalanche Splash is in Savage’s future.

A replay of Diamond Dallas Page beating Van Hammer by nefarious means in an arm wrestling challenge on WCW Pro is shown.

Alex Wright (17-0) beats Dino Cassanova with a reverse flying body press at 3:01:

It is time for yet another Wright squash as Das Wunderkind has already wrestled close to twenty times before the end of February.  There is a cohort of fans facing the hard camera that do Wright’s dance when he enters the ring, many of whom are female plants that WCW has used the last couple of times that Wright has appeared on Saturday Night.  Wright shows a new dimension of his offense by trapping Cassanova in an STF, although the usual still finishes.

Okerlund interviews Wright, who says that he learned that Paul Roma is a backstabber at SuperBrawl.  Okerlund reminds Wright that he is undefeated to which Wright replies that he eventually wants to be world champion and works out every day.  He gives greetings to his family in Germany.

The Blacktop Bully (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (9-0) defeats Larry McMahon via submission to the Breaker 1-9 at 1:52:

If Eric Bischoff was commentating this match he would be making some jabs at Vince McMahon and arguing that Larry was a long, lost relative.  Meng is not with Parker at ringside, which Schiavone says is fallout from SuperBrawl where Meng attacked Hacksaw Jim Duggan.  This is probably the best Bully squash yet as he makes short work of McMahon, slamming him on the arena floor before rolling him in for the finish.

Okerlund interviews Parker and the Bully.  The Bully says that he will be facing Rhodes on his home turf in their “King of the Road” match and he promises to come out on top.  Parker promises that Meng will be wrestling on next week’s show.

Nick Bockwinkel appears again by the interview area with Tony Schiavone as Vader and Ric Flair come out.  Vader says that he realized his dream at SuperBrawl of putting Hulk Hogan on his back.  Hogan tries to attack Vader, but WCW officials intervene and Bockwinkel throws both of them out of the building, thereby ticking off the fans in attendance that wanted to see a Hogan-Vader confrontation.  At least they had Bockwinkel do something.

Television Championship Match:  Arn Anderson (Champion w/Colonel Robert Parker) (5-3-1) pins Brad Armstrong (1-1) after the DDT at 6:27:

WCW needs to take better care of the Television title belt as it is simply laid underneath a corner and is knocked to the arena floor when Armstrong works over Andersons’ leg with the help of the ring post.  Schiavone and Heenan go back and forth about how Parker has a thousand gold coins that he will give to Armstrong if he beats Anderson for the title.  Armstrong is a good hand and he excites the crowd with a missile dropkick.  However, Anderson fakes him out with a right hand and Anderson pounces with his opponents head down to retain.  This was a fun match that elevated some of the prestige of the title, while showcasing both men in a positive way.  Rating:  **½

Schiavone interviews Anderson and Parker.  Anderson warns Johnny B. Badd that he is going to stretch him at Uncensored, which will happen because the match is now billed as “boxer versus wrestler” instead of simply being a boxing match.

Okerlund provides the Uncensored Report.

Dick Slater & Bunkhouse Buck (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (2-2) defeat Barry Hardy & Scott Armstrong when Slater pins Hardy after a double fist at 4:35:

Armstrong gets the match off to a good start for his team but Hardy ruins it, enduring a long beating from the heels before taking their double fist finisher.  Buck yet to have a tolerable match in 1995.

Johnny B. Badd (6-3-1) pins Dave Young after Dreamland at 2:03:

To create more of a spectacle for Uncensored Badd should have just come to the ring in boxing gloves, decked Young, and won the match in three seconds.  Schiavone likens the Badd-Arn Anderson match at Uncensored to a modern version of Muhammad Ali’s bout against Antonio Inoki decades earlier.  Although Badd is not sporting gloves, he does knock Young out with his bare hand and wins, although I often wonder how that move was legal under the rules of wrestling.  Schiavone says that the punch is now known as “Dreamland,” thereby shifting it from its old name, the “Tutti Frutti.”

Okerlund interviews Badd, who says that the Stud Stable stole his television title and he will get revenge at Uncensored.

Stars & Stripes (7-3) defeat Fred Avery & George South after Marcus Bagwell pins South after a suplex-flying body press combination at 1:53:

Schiavone tells fans that Ric Flair will appear in Vader’s corner at Uncensored.  Avery is a big wrestler that is wearing some very colorful 1990s-like tights, almost looking like a villain in Super Double Dragon.  Stars & Stripes prevail quickly after the Patriot gets his bearings in the jobber corner and destroys South.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan (10-0) pins Tony Vincent after the three-point stance clothesline at 2:30:

Duggan and Stars & Stripes have the same gimmick so they should have been more of a babyface stable around this time.  Duggan does his usual gig of firing up the crowd with some patriotic chants, slamming the jobber in between, and then finishing with the three-point stance clothesline.

Okerlund urges fans to call 1-900-909-9900 to hear about meetings that WCW officials had with some top talent of a rival organization.

WCW Tag Team Championship Match:  Harlem Heat (Champions w/Sister Sherri) (12-0) wrestle Sting & Randy Savage (1-0) to a no contest at 10:53:

This match has good energy as Sting and Savage use quick tags in the early going to exchange offense with Harlem Heat and the Heat respond in kind, using Sherri as a weapon to keep the babyfaces at a disadvantage.  Savage is put in peril, which works well for him, and he takes a hard bump to the arena floor from a back drop.  The babyfaces appear to win the titles when Savage knocks Stevie Ray into Sherri on the apron and Sting rolls Ray up for the pin, but Ray is not the legal man and Randy Anderson runs in from the locker room to void the decision.  The crowd was really hot for this match, which took it up a notch, and the bout also showed what the Heat could do when they faced a team that could really go.  Rating:  ***½

After the referees decide to take the belts from Sting and Savage, Big Bubba Rogers and Avalanche come into the ring to work with the Heat to do a four-on-two beatdown.  Avalanche fulfills his promise earlier in the show to give Savage an Avalanche Splash, while Rogers hangs Sting by the middle rope with his belt and pounds away.

The Last Word:  This show had energy that prior editions of Saturday Night lacked, led by Hulk Hogan’s attempted confrontation with Vader, which showed a major contrast to Hogan’s relatively passive attitude in the build up to SuperBrawl.  The main event was really fun, constituting WCW’s best match thus far in 1995, and the ending helped to advance Sting and Savage’s feuds with Big Bubba Rogers and Avalanche as we progress toward Uncensored.  Overall, this is the best Saturday Night episode so far in 1995.

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