Was reading your Rebellion rant and saw not only did Show kick out of the Diamond Cutter but DDP also jobbed in under 6 minutes. That got me thinking, why was DDP used as bad as he was? It's not like he came in with Buff Bagwell like backstage issues. I know in the past 15 years in interviews, DDP has alluded to the fact that Taker had an issue with him but they have since patched it up. Could that be why? Any idea what the issue even was?

Yup, Page was all about choreography in his matches, and he basically came to Undertaker with a script for their match that he had planned out.  Taker disgustedly tore it up in front of everyone and I guess decided then that DDP wasn’t getting pushed.  Ironically, Page was actually ahead of the curve in match planning because now everyone basically does it his way.