Rebellion 2001 Rock/Austin

Hi Scott hope all is well,

I was reading your Rebellion 2001 rant and you note a couple of times during the Rock/Austin main event that it will "probably be the last time we ever see this match". Obviously you were close as they ended up having only the WMXIX match afterwards to my knowledge, but what made you so certain at the time that this was the last time they'd be facing one another? Was it well known at the time that Austin's injuries were catching up to him and/or that Rock was on his way to Hollywood?
Wait, I did Rebellion?  Where did you find that?  If I did, it's not in my archives.
Anyway, I was probably referring to Rock going off to Hollywood, which was known to be a big deal at the time.  They really wanted to make him a huge star with Scorpion King and The Rundown.  Both of which I still love.