Rock vs hbk

Now that HBK has finally bit the bullet and come out of retirement, do you believe we will see the one last dream match headline WrestleMania of Rock vs HBK? I know rock had heat with hbk for how he was treated in 97, but maybe rock is another place mentally now? It seems rock has dropped hints he will be wrestling at the next mania and the promos would be awesome for this match.
Unless Rock's insurance situation has drastically changed, he's done with ever wrestling a match again.  He can do some short non-physical stuff like the "match" against the Wyatts a couple of years ago, but he's worth too much money to the movie studios now to risk injury anymore.
Also, I'm pretty sure that if HBK keeps going in the ring after that sweet, sweet Saudi oil money brings him back, then it'll be another match with Undertaker at Wrestlemania that's the only logical thing for him.  Either that or working with HHH again.