WWF Wrestling Challenge – April 19th, 1992

April 19, 1992

From the Sports Arena in Toledo, OH

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Vince McMahon

This week in action are Sid Justice, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Virgil. Plus, an interview with Ric Flair.


The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer vs. Mike Collins

Undertaker beats on Collins then catches him with a chokeslam as the announcers talk about a Flair vs. Savage rematch. We hear from The Berzerker & Mr. Fuji issuing a challenge to Undertaker then we see Undertaker hit Collins with a tombstone for the win (1:36).

Thoughts: More talk about the Undertaker/Berzerker match and the Flair/Savage feud.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s focus is on Paul Ellering returning to manage the Legion of Doom as we see his promo from last week’s Superstars.


Beverly Brothers w/ The Genius vs. Rock Werner & Jerry Fox

The Beverly Brothers beat down Werner to start. We then hear from the Beverly Brothers & Genius in an insert promo calling the LoD sissies as they now beat on Fox until they put him away with the Shaker Heights Spike (2:25).

Thoughts: Once again we hear the Beverly Brothers call the LoD “sissies” in an attempt to add heat to that feud.


WWF Fan Club ad.


Koko B. Ware vs. Barry Horowitz

Horowitz attacks Koko before the bell. He beats him down in the corner as the camera shows Frankie. Horowitz uses a knee lift then a boot in the corner before talking trash to the crowd. Horowitz pulls up to avoid a punch then heads out on the apron and talks more trash but Koko drags him back in then hits a missile dropkick for a win (1:30).

Thoughts: After teaming with enhancement talent last week, Koko actually gets to beat an enhancement talent this week despite Horowitz taking most of the match. Koko is back but still positioned low on the card.


Shawn Michaels w/ Sensational Sherri vs. Louie Spicolli

Heenan says that Shawn will wear gold one day as Gorilla agrees that Sherri is a gold digger but Heenan says that word describes Elizabeth. Shawn catches Spicolli with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker as we see an article in WWF Magazine on Shawn & Sherri. Shawn hits a double axe handle off of the apron then brings Spicolli back inside and hits a super kick then the teardrop suplex for the win (1:21).

Thoughts: Good showing from Shawn as they put over his pairing with Sherri.


Sgt. Slaughter vs. Tom Stone

Slaughter uses a back drop then we hear from Jimmy Hart in an insert promo telling Slaughter that The Mountie always gets his man. Slaughter stays in control and hits an elbow smash from the top rope before using the Cobra Clutch for the win (1:47).

Thoughts: They are now hyping a Slaughter/Mountie feud as the underwhelming Duggan & Slaughter team appears finished.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Ric Flair & Mr. Perfect to the interview platform. He asks them about the photos of Savage & Elizabeth in the newest WWF Magazine and how they are identical to the photos Flair claimed he had with Elizabeth. Okerlund then asks Flair about kissing Elizabeth after WrestleMania but Perfect interrupts then wants to know why Savage did not show the pictures a month ago and accuses Savage of doctoring the photos. Perfect then says Flair is the champion and Savage only won by pulling the trunks has he calls both Savage & Elizabeth lowlifes. Flair then said the story Okerlund just told would bring a tear to a glass eye and that Savage & Elizabeth cheat to get where they are in life. Flair then said Elizabeth was knocking on his door at midnight begging to ride Space Mountain then says he got the milk for nothing but that Savage bought the cow. That last line by Flair was great but this feud is losing steam. And Flair segments being exclusive to Challenge, the “B” show, also tells you something there as they always saved the top stuff for Superstars.


Virgil vs. Kent Carlson

Virgil is no longer wearing the face protector. Carlson runs away after landing a jab. We then hear from Virgil in an insert promo saying he is not making any mistakes this time and invites anyone to challenge him as he promises they will pay the price. Virgil then hits a back suplex from the middle rope as Heenan alerts us that Shawn Michaels has left the building (1:04). Heenan tells us a few more times about Shawn leaving.

Thoughts: They really played up the Shawn Michaels has left the building gimmick here. Virgil is directionless now and sliding down the card.


Sid Justice w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. Ron Cumberledge

We get some chants for Hogan as Sid beats down Cumberledge. Now we get chants for Warrior as Sid stays in control. The announcers talk about Warrior’s ovation at WrestleMania then Sid hits a powerbomb for the win (2:11). After the match, Sid puts the “call 911” sign around Cumberledge’s neck then flips him over on the stretcher. Sid tosses the stretcher at Cumberledge then says when you get in his way, it hurts.

Thoughts: They put over Warrior/Sid as the top feud on commentary. This ended up being Sid’s last TV match for three years.


Next week in action are Texas Tornado, Big Bossman, and Bret Hart. Plus, an interview with Money Inc. and more!


Final Thoughts: The Flair & Perfect interview was the main thing on this show as the rest of the show focused on other ongoing midcard feuds.