WWF European Rampage – Munich, Germany: April 14th, 1992

April 14, 1992

From the Olympiahalle in Munich, Germany

The hosts are Carsten Schaefer and Uli Fesseler as this a German language broadcast.


Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. Dino Bravo

This was originally supposed to be Bret vs. Shawn Michaels but Jake Roberts quit and was advertised in the main event against Randy Savage so they switched the whole card around. The crowd is really into Bret. Facially, Dino now resembles Big Pussy from “The Sopranos.” Dino’s hair is also back to its natural black color. Bret takes Dino down with an inverted atomic drop then Dino rolls out for a breather. Dino returns to grab a side headlock then runs Bret over a couple of times until Bret catches him with a hip toss. Bret hits another inverted atomic drop before working the arm. Dino whips Bret into the corner then Dino drops an elbow. Dino hits a piledriver for a two count then applies a reverse chinlock. Bret escapes but runs into a clothesline as Dino is back in control. Dino drops another elbow and gets two then gets pissed and puts on a bearhug. Bret escapes after biting but Dino attacks from behind then hits the dreaded side slam but Bret got his foot on the ropes before the three count. Dino is pissed and hits the ropes as the fans boo and covers again but still only gets two. Dino goes back to the bearhug but Bret breaks out of that with a bell clap then wins a slugfest. Bret gets two with a back drop and a couple of suplexes before finishing Dino off with an elbow drop from the middle rope (14:07) **. Dino immediately got up on his knees after the pin.

Thoughts: Bret got the best match possible out of Dino and had to do all of the work. The finish was weak though but anything to defeat Dino is okay in my book. I guess they let Dino work the European tour as he was done with the company after it ends.


Col. Mustafa vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Duggan was subbing for Crush in this match. This crowd loves Duggan. Both men play to the crowd then Duggan absorbs a few forearm smashes before hitting a pair of clotheslines. Duggan has the crowd chanting “USA” as Mustafa grabs the mic to tell the “German people” to shut up. Mustafa now flexes in front of the camera then spits after complaining about the USA. Mustafa chokes out Duggan against the ropes then uses a chinlock. Mustafa goes back to the chinlock then starts using back rakes but Duggan fights back. Duggan lands mounted punches in the corner Mustafa grabs a gimmick out of his shoe and hits Duggan but that only gets two. Duggan blocks a suplex and hits one of his own as both men are down. Duggan is up first then quickly puts Mustafa away with the Three Point Stance (8:00) 1/4*.

Thoughts: The in-ring stuff was garbage but the crowd was invested so that prevents it from being a DUD in my book. It still ran at least three miuntes too long though.


Repo Man vs. Sgt. Slaughter

Slaughter is taking the place of the British Bulldog in this match. Repo Man chokes out Slaughter to start. Slaughter grabs a sleeper then stomps away but the fans do not care. Slaughter believes he knocked Repo Man outside and turns his back then turns around to block a sneak attack. Slaughter works the arm for a long time until Repo Man hits a backbreaker. Repo Man continues to target the back but Slaughter cuts him off. Repo Man reverses an Irish whip that sends Slaughter over the turnbuckle and out to the floor. That was a nasty bump for someone Slaughter’s age. Repo Man heads out and delivers some punishment then heads inside to apply an abdominal stretch. Repo Man works a sleeper but Slaughter escapes and gets on the Cobra Clutch as the crowd actually boos. Repo Man’s arm drops on the ropes after the third raise then Slaughter whips Repo Man into the corner and puts on another Cobra Clutch. The ref tries to break it up as it was supposed to be a five count but Repo Man pulled off well before that and they were in the corner. Slaughter shoves the ref but that allowed Repo Man to hit Slaughter with his hook as that got the win (14:09) DUD.

Thoughts: Slaughter was all banged up and Repo Man was never any good in the ring then they went out and did a bunch of holds that the fans did not care about and had a terrible finish to boot. Awful.


Vince and Cameo Kneuer plug WBF Bodystars


The Nasty Boys & The Mountie w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Legion of Doom & British Bulldog

This match is also featured on the “WWF Wrestling World Tour” Coliseum Home Video release. Animal dumps Knobbs to start. Animal hits a clothesline after an Irish whip sequence then the LoD & Bulldog clear the ring. We get more stalling from the heels then Mountie tags in and lands a few punches on Bulldog only to get caught in a press slam. Hawk and Sags are now in the match as Hawk hammers away in the corner. Hawk takes Sags down with an enziguiri then chases him outside then back into the ring but Mountie runs interference so his team can take control of the match. Hawk comes back with a neckbreaker on Sags then hits a double facebuster on the Nasty Boys. Hawk spills outside after missing a charge in the corner then the heels work over his shoulder. Hawk gets his knees up as Mountie tries a splash then tags his partner. Animal runs wild then the match breaks down until Bulldog hits Knobbs with a running powerslam for the win (12:24) **1/4.

Thoughts: Solid match here that was mostly action. The heat on Hawk was not that good but the rest was enjoyable. Bulldog scoring the pin in Europe was predictable yet good to see. The fans here loved him.


Papa Shango vs. El Matador

Matador is replacing Texas Tornado in this match. He grabs a waistlock but is backed into the corner. Shango beats on Matador then hits a slam but misses a leg drop. Matador fires away then works the arm. He drops Shango down to one knee after a few clotheslines then goes back to the arm. Shango escapes and gouges Matador then goes after the neck and shoulder. Shango hits a flying clothesline then looks over at his skull that’s hanging from the ring post. Shango uses a reverse chinlock now then lands a few punches. Matador tries to fight back then avoids a charge in the corner. Matador fires away but Shango comes back with a clothesline then hits a backbreaker. Shango misses an elbow drop off of the middle rope then Matador lands more punches. Matador only gets a one count after a pair of dropkicks then hits the flying forearm but that only gets one. Matador heads up top for a crossbody but Shango rolls through and gets the win (9:49) 1/2*.

Thoughts: Shango looked the part but had no real clue how to play this gimmick in the ring and this match became a disjointed mess. In his shoot with RF Video, Shango recalled how he was blowing off advice from veterans and named Tito Santana so I wonder if he blew off Tito in this match. Lord knows how bad this would have been if it was Tornado.


WWF World Heavyweight Title Match: Shawn Michaels w/ Sensational Sherri vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage (c)

This match was shown on both the “World Tour 1992” and “Best of WWF: World Tour” Coliseum Home Video releases. Shawn backs Savage into the corner then breaks but misses a charge. They mix it up after that as Savage bails and limps around a bit before tossing a chair into the ring. Savage is on the apron but Sherri distracts him and that allows Shawn to attack from behind. Shawn heads out and punches away as Sherri screams “give it to him!” Savage regains control and rams Shawn’s head into the steps then heads in for a flying double axe handle that gets two. Savage hits a clothesline for two but continues to sell his knee and takes a while to cover. Savage still remains one step ahead then Shawn bails and heads up the ramp with Sherri. However, Savage limps up and tosses Sherri before punching Shawn down the aisle. Savage rolls Shawn back inside then Shawn accidentally knocks Sherri off of the apron as Savage rolls him up from behind for a two count. Shawn is able to come back and hit a knee breaker and continues to attack the knee. Sherri even attacks the knee as the ref is distracted. Shawn puts on a figure four then reapplies the hold after Savage was able to break. Sherri screams from the outside but Savage is able to fight back. Savage hits a clothesline then hops up to the top on one foot and hits the flying elbow drop for the win as the crowd goes mental (14:26) ***1/4. After the match, Sherri heads in with a chair and hits the knee. Shawn then tosses the referee outside and has Sherri hold down Savage’s leg so he can use the chair. Shawn starts tossing down the officials that come into the ring then uses the World Heavyweight Title belt as a weapon. Savage is finally rolled out to safety as Shawn taunts the crowd from the top rope.

Thoughts: Slower-paced than you would think given the participants but still a good match. Basically like a good house show main event. Shawn got a lot of heat due to Sherri and the fact the crowd loved Savage. Don’t get me wrong, he did his part but Sherri definitely enhanced the heat for the match. They have another match coming up in England that I liked better.


Battle Royal: Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Dino Bravo, El Matador, Col. Mustafa, Sgt. Slaughter, The Mountie, Brian Knobbs, Jerry Sags, British Bulldog, Repo Man, Bret Hart, Papa Shango, Hawk, Animal, Shawn Michaels,

This match is JIP on the World Tour 1992 release. Shawn talks trash but the LoD immediately press slam him outside on top of Sherri as Shawn is already eliminated. Shawn carries Sherri up the ramp then we get some generic, slow-paced brawling for a few minutes until Bravo tries to eliminate Matador but ends up getting tossed by Hawk. Animal eliminates Knobbs with a shoulder block as the LoD are dominating things early. Bulldog catches Mountie coming off of the top then Knobbs pulls Animal out for the elimination with assistance from Col. Mustafa. Duggan uses turnbuckle smashes on Mountie and Repo Man a the crowd is really into him tonight. The brawling slows down again then Hawk gets rid of Shango with a back drop. Mountie eliminats Matador as the crowd is back to cheering for Duggan, who is beating on Mustafa in the corner. Bret tries to eliminate Sags but Mountie sneaks over and dumps him as the ring clears out. Hawk accidentally eliminates himself after whiffing on a double clothesline then Bulldog dumps Mustafa in quite the sequence. The crowd still chants for Duggan and he tries to eliminate Sags but Sags hangs on the apron and grabs Duggan as that allows Mountie to eliminate Duggan as that drew the most heat in this match. Slaughter is triple-teamed and nearly eliminated until Bulldog makes the save. Bulldog puls Slaughter to safety as the crowd is into Bulldog now. Slaughter & Bulldog beat everyone else down then Slaughter finally gets some cheers on this show by eliminating Repo Man. However, Repo Man grabs a hold to Slaughter’s leg then Mountie tosses Slaughter. Mountie & Sags double-team Bulldog then Mountie grabs the cattle prod but accidentally shocks Sags. Bulldog dumps Sags then does the same to Mountie and wins the match (17:07) *.

Thoughts: The crowd was into it but this was a bore and had a severe lack of talent down the stretch. Bulldog wins another battle royal that takes place in Europe.


After the match, Bulldog is interviewed on the platform. Savage comes out to celebrate with him as Bulldog talks about being victorious in the Battle Royal at Albert Hall and now in Germany. Savage yells “oh yeah” and the fans go home happy.


Final Thoughts: The live crowd had a great time but I cannot say the same after watching it on tape. Shawn vs. Savage was good but the rest was forgettable at best with some really crappy matches and a neverending battle royal. The two matches available on CHV releases are fine to seek out but avoid the rest.