More New Gen questions

Hey Scott, some more questions from the 93/94 WWF era:

1) after being made the unquestionable undisputed Intercontinental champion in a phenomenal ladder match at WM X, Razor dropped the title a month later already against Diesel. What the hell? Way to make the title prestigious. Just so Razor could enter the KOTR (and getting to the final) without the belt?

2) wouldn’t 93/94 have been the perfect time to bring in Sting? Whether as replacement for Lex (take a drink) or teaming up with Lex (kayfabe past in WCW, real life friends) to keep him fresh after his Summerslam choking (take a drink)….

3) as good as the Backlund heel turn was, and he played it perfectly, he had so little credibility as a threat after two years of jobbing to the big names. Suddenly being dangerous and threatening came out of nowhere, and the Survivors title win was just unnecessary. Bret dropping the strap at MSG against Diesel in a competitive match would have been better I think

4) Tatanka seemingly lost all his overness after the Borga loss in the fall of 93. He was basically just there until his heel turn at Summerslam 94. What a waste. Why not a Luger/Tatanka team or something to keep him busy?

5) why not use Lawler as the head of a heel stable in 94 (instead of the horrible Million $ corporation)? Could have pushed young guys like Glen Ruth, Louie Spicolli, Duke Droese this way

Sorry for the longwinded questions, hope you can answer them soon!

1.  I think the Kliq guys just really wanted to make sure Diesel got put over huge. 

2.  I mean, I suppose, but he was making so much guaranteed money with WCW that he would have been stupid to go to the WWF at that point.

3. I completely bought the Backlund heel run.  I thought he did a great job playing a legit scary guy.

4. I think they had ideas of what Tatanka could be as a heel, and it just didn’t work.

5. I think Lawler was fine in the role he was in.