Angelo Mosca Jr

Hey yo, 

I'm currently binge watching Mid Atlantic wrestling and just got to the part where Angelo Mosca Jr shows up to help daddy and beats Ivan Koloff for the Mid Atlantic title.

I've always heard this dude was beyond awful but after seeing it for myself, all I can say is wtf???

He couldn't cut a promo at all and sure as hell couldn't execute basic wrestling moves. His entire repertoire included a drop kick and a flying body press, neither of which were very good. Ivan had to be pissed that he was working with him.

How in the hell Crockett and/or Dusty allow this goof to not only wrestle, but to actually win a title? How could he possibly be this bad when his dad was a wrestler? 

Combine this with the inexplicable popularity of "Boogie Woogie Boy" (sincerely, Gary Hart) and Jay Youngblood and mid atlantic is nearly unwatchable for me. If not for Dick Slater, I'd turn this shit off and skip to '85.

Oh, DUDE, Mosca Jr was the WORST.  I completely forgot about him when I was doing my "second generation flops" list, in fact.  Much like David Flair, Mosca was proof that wrestling is not genetic.