WWF 93-94

Hey Scott, hope your well  I was watching some old WWF matches and I know the product was struggling in93-94, but, WWF had Stan Lane, Johnny Polo, Lawler, etc, working commentary. What strikes me weird is all 3 were competent in the ring and could have done more than call matches and help the product. Hell, Shawn Michaels vs Stan Lane would have been cool. 

Granted they wasted Polo in hindsight, but Stan Lane was WRECKED from injuries and pretty much forced into the role of announcer.  He had a few indy matches later but he wasn't gonna be having **** matches with Shawn Michaels by any means.  And I don't think Lawler had any interest in doing a full-time schedule at that point, not to mention he was much older and slower than a lot of the guys in the ring.  Which isn't to say he wouldn't have had value, but clearly the way they had built him as "cowardly clown who only gets his comeuppance on rare occasions" only lent itself to certain situations, and having him out there week after week would kill that value.