So 2K pretty much said “screw it” this year. Instead of the grand revealing they have been doing past few years before SummerSlam with Austin and Renee Young, they opted to have Rusev and Lana stream 3 parts from their HOUSE. About 2 weeks and a half left before the games released and we still have not gotten any gameplay released other then the same Daniel Bryan Showcase stuff. Big head mode from freaking NBA Jam, a golden AJ Styles and Zombie Triple H. The new match types? Final Deletion and the freaking House Of Horrors match. Worst part? No TOMMASO CIAMPA. 

I don’t wanna be that “In my day…” guy, but I’ve bought a few of the modern 2K games and I just can’t figure out the gameplay.  I’m horrible at the timing and usually get pinned the first time someone tries it on me.  They sure look pretty, but the last next-gen game I really had fun with was WWE All-Stars, which strayed more towards the casual arcade style controls.  Plus I got my trusty Raspberry Pi with No Mercy, Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 (English translated!) and Revenge that play 100% awesome to this day.  But the last couple of 2K games have popped up on XBox Gamepass, which I’m paying for anyway, so they’re installed on my Xbone if I ever wanted to try them again.