Saturday Night (Is Acceptable for Pugilism)

So in the big news of the day, 205 Live will no longer be Live, as it is moving to Wednesdays moving forward to make way for Mixed Match Challenge.

Tonight, I’m off to see White Boy Rick and hopefully I’ll have a chance to do Sunday Night Heat for tomorrow morning afterwards.

It’s the Comic Expo here in Saskatoon this week, with OPIE from Sons of Anarchy as one of the featured guests.  Surprisingly, they got him and Ron Perlman, but not Kim Coates, who actually LIVES HERE.

I’m digging Mayans MC thus far, but holy shit is there a lot going on in the first two episodes.

Still waiting to find an extra $80 and buy Spider-Man, but I don’t have a lot of time to sit down and play it right now anyway.

That’s Saturday!  Talk about it here!