Mick Foley as the ref this Sunday, what’s even the point?

Am I the only one that's beyond tired of seeing Mick Foley on TV,  he's been channel changer for me for years ever since maybe the end of the Orton feud all the way back in 2004, most of his matches he's had with the
exception of the Mania match with Edge have been pretty lackluster if not bad matches.  The GM thing he did a couple of years ago just sucked since he was pretty much Stephanie's bitch the whole time that I was begging them to just get the guy off TV.  Now
they bring him to be the ref for the main event Sunday, which isn't needed at all since Braun vs Roman should be fine enough without him, what's even the point?  So he take some pointless bump from BRAUN?  Your thoughts Mr. Keith?

He ain't taking any bumps, that's for sure.  He's no longer medically able, so that double makes it pointless to have him in there.  Does this feud really need a special referee?  Does it even need to be the Cell?  Nope and nope.  So I got nothing.