Earthquake in 94

What happened with Earthquake's return to the WWF in '94 that it was a short run and that he wound up in WCW by the end of the year?

He was supposed to be in a KOTR Qualifying match against Owen Hart on RAW, but he was replaced by Doink.

Also at WM X he was supposed to face Ludvig Borga but wound up against Adam Bomb.  Was Borga replaced because he didn't want to job to Quake?

Also why didn't they do Earthquake vs Hogan at Starrcade instead of Beefcake?  Wouldn't that have been a better draw?

Maybe, but WCW was never good at figuring out ways to make money.  
Earthquake left in 94 because they wanted him to lose to Yokozuna in a sumo match and he wasn’t feeling it.  It was kind of a big insult to him is how I heard it. 
 Borga missed WM because of a broken ankle and just never returned.