Hi Scott,

Now you, like me, are a sane person and so you don’t watch weekly WWE main roster television. I wonder, however, if you’ve seen (or read) about this segment featuring Asuka on Smackdown this week?

Why did Asuka help Naomi last week?: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 11, 2018






30 writers, a Road Dogg, Kevin Dunn and Vince McMahon and THIS is the best they can come up with for Asuka? “She doesn’t speak English well so she must LITERALLY be a child! And for some reason Naomi is racist and mishears the word “Teriyaki” when a Japanese woman says a completely different word!”

I know we all joked about Asuka receiving this sort of treatment on the main roster but to actually see it happening is kind of amazing, isn’t it? Even for someone who long ago abandoned main roster WWE, this is an extremely disappointing example of taking someone special and just burying them under the earth. She’s Yoshi Tatsu now. A female R-Truth.

At this stage, I wonder why any viewer would wish for a great foreign (non-English-speaking) talent to come to WWE? Or for ANY good talent to leave NXT for the main roster? Obviously for the guys/girls signed it is an opportunity so I wish them nothing but the best but this latest skit is proof there is nobody the WWE can’t book into oblivion.

Can’t wait for Pentagon and Fenix to show up, learn how to “work” and then do a gimmick where they’re Miz and Maryse’s mistreated gardeners. Maybe the WWE can make a big money offer to Hiroshi Tanahashi and get him to play a haircare consultant (who also likes Dance Dance Revolution) or get Suzuki and Ishii to come in as a tag team of sushi chefs?


Come on, Suzuki would get that shit OVER.  A crazed sushi chef who beats on his assistants for failure?  MONEY.

Anyway, anyone who is actually amazed it would come to this with Asuka, raise your hand.  Once they decided “Putting over Carmella multiple times” was the ideal use of her after winning the Rumble, the game was already over.  And I know people keep saying “They can always reheat her” like that’s a thing likely to actually happen, but they had the ideal chance to build her into something special and now it’s gone.

On the bright side, when she came into NXT, she was never supposed to get any of that run.  She was basically there to teach the Four Horsewomen how to work and maybe move into a trainer role off TV, so all of this has been a bonus.