WM 23 HBK v Cena

Hey Scott

I’ve just rewatched Wrestlemania 23 and read your review after as usual. I loved the HBK v Cena match as did you from the review.

I was just wondering why you gave it ****3/4 and not the full monty? There wasn’t an obvious negative in your review except maybe an annoyance that Shawn didn’t go over. But it seems harsh to dock it for that.

It doesn't really work that way.  I don't start at ***** and then reduce the rating based on the match, I just watch it and say "That felt like a ****3/4 match".  If there was something that would have pushed it over the top and compelled me to give it *****, I would have been happy to do so, but it was missing…something.  Hence the rating.