What the World Was Watching: WCW Main Event – February 12, 1995

Footage of Dustin Rhodes and Hacksaw Jim Duggan struggling to beat up the Stud Stable on WCW Pro is shown.

Gene Okerlund and Bobby Heenan are the studio hosts.  They discuss Ric Flair wanting to confront Nick Bockwinkel on the next episode of WCW Saturday Night.

Opening Non-Title Contest:  Vader (U.S. Champion) (5-0) beats Casey Thompson by knockout after a right hand at 2:36:

Thompson – who was an old WWF jobber that wrestled under the name “Mr. Main Event” on the independent circuit – suffers Vader’s wrath as the big man prepares for SuperBrawl.  Vader gives Thompson a stiff clothesline and a bunch of punches, prompting the referee to give Thompson a ten count and give Vader the victory.

Okerlund provides the SuperBrawl Report.  WCW Champion Hulk Hogan, along with Jimmy Hart, says that he will break Vader’s ribs next Sunday.

A replay of the Dustin Rhodes & Hacksaw Jim Duggan-Bunkhouse Buck & Blacktop Bully tag team match from WCW Pro is aired.  Rhodes and Duggan won by disqualification when Meng interfered.

Okerlund and Heenan discuss SuperBrawl, with Okerlund taking the overhype too far by calling Vader a schizophrenic.

A replay of the Harlem Heat-Stars & Stripes tag team title match on WCW Saturday Night is shown.

Avalanche’s handicap squash from Worldwide is replayed.

Heenan tells a story of stalking a guy to a hotel room and how he listened through the door for a big scoop for SuperBrawl.  You will have to call 1-900-909-9900 to hear about it!

Dustin Rhodes & Alex Wright defeat Arn Anderson & the Blacktop Bully (w/Colonel Robert Parker) via disqualification when Parker interferes at 6:49:

Since Wright is rising through the midcard as a rookie this gives the audience a taste of what a match could be like with Anderson for the Television Championship down the road.  Wright also gets to shine during the hot tag, where Parker has to keep interfering to keep his men from getting pinned.  He puts the Bully’s foot on the bottom rope to break up a pin when Rhodes gives the Bully a bulldog, and then he runs in when Anderson gets caught with a flying body press from Wright, triggering a predictable disqualification.  Rating:  **

Heenan puts over Vader as more dangerous than Andre the Giant because Vader can use aerial maneuvers against Hulk Hogan.

Tune in next week for a live pre-show at the Baltimore Arena just before SuperBrawl!

The Last Word:  This Dustin Rhodes-Blacktop Bully feud is getting really stale, especially if anyone watched 1994 WCW programming where Rhodes’ fight with Colonel Robert Parker’s goons lasted an eternity.  That should have been put to an end after Fall Brawl.  The main event was just a showcase for Wright, who is clearly one of the promotion’s golden boys right now, and the tag match made it look like he could hang with Anderson.

The week before SuperBrawl WCW did some house shows in South Carolina.  Here was the result of one of those cards (courtesy of thehistoryofwwe.com):

Columbia, South Carolina – Township Auditorium – February 9, 1995 (2,000):  Stars & Stripes defeated Pretty Wonderful when the Patriot pinned Paul Orndorff with a rollup that was reversed behind the referee’s back by Marcus Bagwell and Paul Roma at 25:49…Alex Wright pinned Bobby Eaton with a reverse flying body press off the second rope at 6:04.  During the match Pretty Wonderful came out to look at Wright…Johnny B. Badd defeated Lord Steven Regal after reversing a rollup at 14:05…Sting beat Avalanche by disqualification at 10:21…United States Champion Vader pinned Jim Duggan after a clothesline at 11:50…WCW Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat defeated the Nasty Boys via reverse decision at 15:10.  The Nasty Boys were initially announced as the winners after Jerry Sags got a pinfall on Stevie Ray but referee Nick Patrick voided the decision because Brian Knobbs tossed Booker T over the top rope moments earlier.  After that result, Brian Knobbs called the champions “chicken shit” on the microphone.

Backstage News*:  WCW is taking the step to put more of an emphasis on the pay-per-view business as it has cancelled the June and November Clash of the Champions shows, substituting two pay-per-views in their place.  This gives the company nine pay-per-views in 1995.  The move is financially smart since WCW is relying on pay-per-view as its top revenue source, but Dave Meltzer worries about oversaturation of the market.  Expanding the number of pay-per-views also means that WCW may not be producing a pay-per-view show for AAA this summer.  Swedish star Frank Anderson, who was recently at the Disney MGM Studios tapings in Orlando doing squash matches, was given a two-year suspended sentence in his home country for purchasing HGH.  WCW will only be using his matches in European markets, though, because they think he can help them get a presence there.  WCW felt that the California Brian name was not going to work so that is why Brian Pillman is back to being called “Flyin’ Brian.”  Ric Flair might be rushed back to the ring faster than usual because the WCW Hotline did big business a few weeks ago – pulling in $50,000 to $75,000 – claiming that a forty-five year old former world champion died, with many fans thinking it was Flair.  Instead, it was sleazy marketing by WCW as the person who passed away was Jerry Blackwell.  TBS was not happy with the stunt, forced Okerlund to apologize, and said deaths could not be used for future hotline promotions on television.  Vader is reportedly seeking out a three-year contract extension on top of the two years he has left on his existing deal.  Rumors are that he is using that as a bargaining chip for doing a pinfall job to Hulk Hogan.  Harley Race’s hip surgery did not go well as he had to return to the hospital to get it redone.  The cruiserweight tournament will seemingly be an actual thing as Chris Benoit of ECW and New Japan has been contacted.  However, it is unlikely that Benoit will jump to WCW at this time.  The cruiserweight tournament is supposed to happen from March through May but might be delayed because WCW does not have enough talent to host it yet.  There are rumors that the tournament final could be Brian Pillman against Sabu.  In talent relations news, Steven Regal’s new tag team partner is going to be Bobby Eaton and they will be called the Blue Bloods.  Also, Craig Pittman, a former Marine Corps wrestling champion, will be debuting in the near future.  Meng will be returning to the ring soon rather than merely being a managerial presence, and Steve Austin was recently injured wrestling Marcus Bagwell on February 3.  Paul Wight, a seven foot wrestler who was at some WCW events weeks ago, is now training in Atlanta and will reportedly be billed as Paul Bunyan.  It is almost guaranteed that he will be booked as a main eventer immediately and get a run with Hulk Hogan.  And the Steiner Brothers will reportedly return in June, presumably to feud with Harlem Heat.

*Backstage news is courtesy of the February 13, 1995 and February 20, 1995 editions of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer.

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