Friday Night Party Thread: August 24, 2018

We made it!  Viva la weekend!

Anyway, as you’re reading this, I’m at the NOVA Pro show Summer of George, helping out with music, ring bell, and anything else they need me for in an effort to pay dues.  And be a part of a great community.  That too.

Tonight’s community re-watch is AAA When Worlds Collide, which I believe has Art Barr’s last match.  At least his last high-profile one.  It’s also the answer to a trivia question: what was Eddie Guerrero’s only match to get 5 stars from Dave Meltzer (back when Dave had credibility and stopped at 5)?

It also features a trios match where one team is Chris Benoit, Scorpio, and Tito Santana, a team I never knew I needed.

Enjoy the weekend!