Strowman vs. Shield

With the Shield back together, it looks like Braun Strowman will need a partner or partners to help.  They might even need to be older than 10 this time.

Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre make sense storyline wise, but that will make Braun the heel by default so that’s probably a bad idea.

But what about Bray Wyatt?  He has nothing to do now with Matt Hardy seemingly retired and would probably get a great reaction making a surprise return to assist his former lackey.  Plus this allows you to do Wyatts vs. Shield on a PPV to stretch the feud out and build to Braun FINALLY winning the title.

I mean… He’s gotta get it eventually. Right?

Hey, Rowan is out for eight months and Luke Harper will have nothing to do.  Why not cash in with a Wyatt reunion as babyfaces against the Shield?  Maybe have Bray and Harper team up to destroy Roman as revenge for the Shield thing and that’s how he cashes in?