Impact Wrestling – August 23, 2018

Impact Wrestling
Date: August 23, 2018
Location: Rebel Sports Complex, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Commentators: Josh Matthews, Don Callis

This is all about the violence with a Mexican death match between Sami Callihan and Pentagon Jr. These two have been feuding for weeks now and it’s actually been one of the best things about the promotion. Sometimes it’s just about beating the heck out of each other and when you have the representative lackeys to help move things along. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap talks about Fenix beating Sami Callihan last week, Killer Kross and Austin Aries laying out Eddie Edwards, Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong (sweet goodness that’s a lot of alliteration) vs. Johnny Impact and the LAX war.

Opening sequence.

Here’s Eddie, in a Rocky Balboa shirt, to admit that he’s been beaten up for the last few weeks and lay down on the mat. He’s picked himself up though and now he’s standing in this ring again. Now that he’s back on his feet, he’s looking for a fight because he has nothing to lose. Eddie wants Aries and Kross out here right now so here they come.

Aries talks about how Kross is even crazier and more dangerous than Edwards so Eddie hits Aries in the face. Some stick shots have Kross in trouble but Aries chop blocks him. The Cross Jacket Choke and a Figure Four go on at the same time but here’s Moose with a chair to chase them off.

Callihan is ready for Pentagon Jr. and says OVE can blame Pentagon for their troubles.

Eddie and Moose are in the back when a very excited Alisha comes in to thank Moose for the save. Things seem to be better between she and Eddie.

Zachary Wentz vs. Matt Sydal

Sydal promises to help Wentz awaken. A headlock takeover puts Wentz down but he’s right back up with a corkscrew crossbody for two. Sydal bails to the floor and gets taken down with a dive. Back in and Wentz charges into a boot in the corner, setting up a cobra clutch. That goes nowhere so Wentz kicks him down and hits a standing moonsault for two. A Codebreaker looks to set up a running shooting star but only hits knees. Sydal hits a Paige Turner for the pin at 4:08.

Rating: C. They packed a good amount in there and Wentz looked good, even in defeat. I still don’t get the appeal of this third eye thing but Sydal can have a good match when he gets the time to do something. The match didn’t go long enough to get very far but Wentz should get a few more chances.

The Cult of Lee come up to Eli Drake in the back but he wants nothing to do with them. Two unnamed guys come in and the Cult impersonates Drake to yell at them. Drake says this should be interesting and leaves.

Video on Impact coming to Mexico.

Video on Brian Cage. He wants to bring a new era to the X-Division Title. Whatever Fenix can do in the ring, Cage can do just as well.

Classic Clip of the Week: AJ Styles returns in 2013.

Earlier today, Fallah Bahh had a present for KM (in a bag with Bahh’s face on it) that should help them win.

Video on Impact coming to Mexico. Nothing has changed in the last ten minutes.

Video on Callihan vs. Pentagon.

KM/Fallah Bahh vs. Desi Hit Squad

How many times can these teams fight? The gift was matching gear, albeit in a small size and KM’s has a ferret on the side. Actually hang on though as Bahh tells him to lose the boots. The announcers talk about a Scarlett Bordeaux photo shoot and Callis does a slightly less creepy Jerry Lawler impression. The Squad can’t hurt Bahh so it’s off to KM, who hurts his foot by kicking without a boot on.

This works a bit better for the Squad, who double teams KM down and hit a basement dropkick. KM’s comeback gets stomped down as Callis actually offers some insight to wrestling barefoot. A double clothesline gets KM out of trouble and it’s off to Bahh, who sits on Singh’s chest. The double roll crushes the Squad and KM sends Singh into Raju’s jumping knee. KM gives Raju a Project Ciampa, followed by a Banzai Drop for the pin at 5:26.

Rating: D. The oddball tag team isn’t my cup of milk in this case but some of the fans seem to like it well enough. The problem is there isn’t exactly a division of teams for these guys to fight and now that the Squad are just two guys, there’s a limit to how far either team can really go. Can you imagine either of them against LAX or the OGz? There’s such a divide between those teams and anyone else that it’s not even a division at this point.

Katarina yells at Grado for losing every single time. Joe Hendry just wants Grado to make progress and gives him a pep talk. Hendry and Katarina leave together and it turns out Scarlett Bordeaux is behind them. She wants him on her show….and then Grado is stripping on a pole. The interviewer from a few weeks back eats popcorn as Grado goes over to Scarlett, who spanks him over the couch. I never need to see this again.

Kiera Hogan vs Alisha

The go technical to start with Hogan armbarring her way out of a headlock. A pinfall reversal sequence goes to a standoff as Josh plugs upcoming tapings in Las Vegas. Alisha gets two off a neckbreaker but Kiera is right back with a dropkick in the corner. A charge connects for two more and a kick to the face is good for the same. Hogan shrugs off a comeback and hits a running faceplant but Alisha uses Eddie’s Backpack Stunner. That goes nowhere though as a fisherman’s neckbreaker finishes Alisha at 6:08.

Rating: D+. Neither of them were impressive here as it was just a match with no fire or interest for the most part. I haven’t seen Alisha do anything of note since she’s been in the company and while Kiera is better, she’s not exactly leaps and bounds ahead. It could have been worse, but this felt like filler.

Post match Allie praises Kiera before saying that Su Yung has driven her to the darkness. She has to get rid of Yung but now she has to look over her shoulder for Tessa Blanchard. Allie wants a triple threat next week.

Johnny Impact was making an appearance at a pool party when Kongo Kong showed up. Impact beat him up without much effort and sent him into the pool.

The triple threat is accepted and the title will be on the line.

Rich Swann went for a walk with one of the interviewers and says his ultimate goal is the X-Division Title. A bunch of names have influenced him, including Petey Williams, who he’s facing next week.

Pentagon is ready to make Sami respect him tonight.

Remember how Impact was announced as coming to Mexico soon? Still the case.

Aries and Kross are ready to end Moose’s career. Sounds like a tag match next week.

Cult of Lee vs. Brandon Tidwell/Mr. Atlantis

Drake is on commentary and those would be the guys from earlier. The Cult starts doing Drake moves, including the E-Li-Drake elbow. The Gravy Train is broken up though and Tidwell rolls Konley up for the pin at 1:52. Drake finds this kind of funny.

LAX celebrates with their people on the street. Konnan says the OGz are done and has a surprise for some of them. They go to the car…..and a kid is run over by a car driven by the OGz. Well that got rather dark in a hurry.

We run down next week’s Redefined card.

Sami Callihan vs. Pentagon Jr.

Mexican death match, meaning anything goes and falls count anywhere. They go straight for the chairs to start until Sami kicks him in the face. A Sling Blade cuts Sami off and Pentagon opens the vest so the chops are even louder. Two chairs are set up in the middle of the ring but Pentagon’s hurricanrana is countered into a powerbomb through (not really) the chairs. A table is set up at ringside but it’s Pentagon hitting the big flip dive to send Sami through it.

Back from a break with Pentagon bringing in a pinata but stopping to kick Sami down. Inside the pinata: a staple gun. Sami spits at him and gets stapled in the arms and crotch, followed by the hat being stapled to Sami’s head. Pentagon is nice enough to rip it back off before hitting a backstabber for two. Another pinata has an electric razor inside so Sami grabs him by the crotch for the sake of saving his beard. They head outside with Sami opening another pinata to find a ball bat.

A trashcan is wrapped around Pentagon’s head for a bat shot but Pentagon hits him with the can to get a breather. Pentagon grabs a running Death Valley Driver through another table and it’s time for one last pinata….which is full of Legos. They trade package piledrivers on the Legos for two each with Sami being left laying. Pentagon loads up a third table but gets caught on top, setting up a super Cactus Piledriver through the table for the pin at 15:52.

Rating: B. They beat the heck out of each other here and the ending looked awesome. Sami has really grown on me with the violence fitting in very well, especially in something like this. Also, I liked that they played into the Mexican part with the pinatas, though the Legos thing may not be up your alley. I get what they were going for with it (with commentary saying how much it hurts to step on one) and it’s nice to not have it be tacks or glass again. This should be a blowoff to the feud and if so, they went out in a pretty violent way.

Overall Rating: C+. Some of the wrestling wasn’t the best here but they set up next week’s big show and there was a good main event to close the show out. They’ve come down a few levels since the build to Slammiversary but I can gladly go for a somewhat above average show rather than something uninspired or bad. They’re going in the right direction and there’s stuff that I want to see, so keep up what they’ve been doing as of late.


Matt Sydal b. Zachary Wentz – Paige Turner

KM/Fallah Bahh b. Desi Hit Squad – Banzai Drop to Raju

Kiera Hogan b. Alisha – Fisherman’s neckbreaker

Brandon Tidwell/Mr. Atlantis b. Cult of Lee – Rollup to Konley

Sami Callihan b. Pentagon Jr. – Cactus piledriver through a table

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