Which is the bigger giveaway of a guy about to lose his match?

Kane setting off his pyro before the match? Or Finn inexplicably deciding to leave the demon at home in a WORLD TITLE MATCH?

There’s actually a lot of storyline potential with the demon thing, where they could explain that it’s a supernatural force that Finn can only tap into a finite amount of times every year. It’d be neat to have him maul his opponent as the demon in a big Sunday title match, then struggle to beat the same opponent as Finn during the rematch on RAW the next night because he can’t summon the demon again so soon.  

But I suppose stuff like this might take too much planning and foresight and all that.

Not to shoot down your finely honed haterade there, champ, but didn't Constantinople Corbin bar Balor from wrestling as the Demon out of spite from the night before?  

I mean, bigger picture, yeah it's stupid that Balor can unleash these deadly super-powers just by painting his face and gyrating and yet he chooses not to 364 days out of the year, but swing and a miss on this particular one.