They’re telling the wrong story

Hi Scott,

So, I loved the Shield angle but they've got the heels and faces mixed up. Strowman promised he was cashing in and he (like Roman) kept his word. If anything, Rollins and Ambrose should be like the old Horsemen saving the title for Flair because the fans' natural instinct is to boo Reigns. It's hard enough to garner sympathy for a guy like Strowman, so here's an opportunity to have him not only dethrone the champion but thwart his cronies in the process as well. Yet, the Shield are presented as conquering heroes for beating on a guy 3-on-1?

What say you, Sir?

Yeah, I'm not particularly clear on what they were trying to accomplish, either.  It felt like a Russo Reset angle where all of a sudden someone like Goldust just comes out in his old gimmick with no particular motivation behind the change.