WWE Is A Bunch of Arse.

Hi Scott. 

Arse. A lovely British word for the human backside, and also a word that pops up if you anagram a few WWE Stars names. 

For Example

Cesaro – Arse Co. 
Maryse – My Arse
Roman Reigns – Morning Arse. 

Couple of related ones:

Stone Cold Steve Austin – Unsteadiest Vets Colon (He might want to consider taking up vetinary surgery)

Lana's Twitter Handle @Lanawwe – Eww Anal

And I may as well through this one in there

Charlotte Flair – Clitoral Father. (I wouldn't advise thinking about that one!)

– Barry   
Quit posting all the Roman Reigns emails, they said.  Post something other than Lex Luger questions, they said…