Who Would be the Guy?

By now it’s pretty obvious that the way to go is to turn Roman Reigns and have him lead a heel shield faction. He would hold the belt for a while and then eventually give it up to a conquering babyface. My question is who would be that babyface? Who is on the roster currently or in nxt that fits Vince’s ideal of a carry the company type superstar? They gave Bryan, Balor, and Rollins a shot at title runs only to see them get injured so I would think they were out. Lashley just fought Roman to less than mild reactions. Ambrose might get there but he’s coming off an injury and was basically treated like a joke prior to that. I don’t see anyone in NXT that works on a top top guy level. It’s basically just Braun who is a better heel in my opinion or stay with the Roman babyface mega push until he magically gets over or dies trying. Does that about sum it up?

Yeah, I think we're in for a lot of Roman v. Braun over the next few months.