The SmarK Rant for WWF Sunday Night Heat–11.15.98

The SmarK Rant for WWF Sunday Night Heat – 11.15.98

It’s the pre-show for Survivor Series! So I don’t expect much in-ring action this week.

Live from St. Louis, MO

Your hosts are Michael Cole & Jim Cornette

LOD 2000 v. Bob Holly & Scorpio

So Droz and Animal are now officially the LOD after turfing Hawk last week. Animal overpowers Scorpio with a shoulderblock, but Scorpio gets a superkick and leg lariat and it’s over to Holly. Droz puts him down with a clothesline for two and it’s BREAKING LOOSE IN TULSA. LOD double-teams Scorpio and hits the Doomsday Device, but Snow runs and gives Droz some Head to allow Scorpio to get the upset win at 2:23. Hell of a way to heat up the new heel LOD. 0 for 1. This JOB Squad thing was such a loser gimmick. I mean, deliberately so, but it was too inside baseball even by Russo’s standards.

Meanwhile, the Stooges harass Steve Austin.

Tiger Ali Singh v. Val Venis

Val misses a charge and Tiger beats him down in the corner, much like the wrestling business beat Tiger down, but Val comes back with an abdominal stretch. The plugs for the shows following Heat remind me of Meltzer’s summation of the ratings situation in the Observer around this time: Basically Heat was doing giant ratings in the timeslot, and then people would watch 10 minutes of Pacific Blue and turn it off because it sucked so badly. So unfortunately Heat’s role as lead-in never really paid off. Val goes up and Tiger crotches him and drops him on the railing outside, but Godfather comes out and throws Tiger back into the ring. He was supposed to whip him into the ringpost, but Singh somehow managed to fuck that up and MISSED. Val finishes with the fisherman’s suplex at 2:34. Not sure why they never bothered to come up with a witty name for that move. I’m anxiously awaiting this Godfather v. Tiger Ali Singh blowoff! 0 for 2.

Brought to you tonight by WWF the Music Volume 2! I may have purchased that one, sadly.

And now, we recap the buildup to the tournament thus far.

Meanwhile, the Stooges collect Shane McMahon next.

DOA v. Faarooq & Bradshaw

This is the debut of the Acolytes, complete with new matching tights and symbols painted on their chest, although there’s no match as they destroy DOA and lay them out in the ring as refs break it up. 0 for 3.

Meanwhile, Road Dogg snarks about Vince and his “army of storybook writers” but the Headbangers attack to try and make people care about the shitty tag title match later on the PPV. Didn’t work.

Sable is here to guarantee victory over Jackie tonight, but Mero and Jackie attack her and gosh, I don’t think she’s got a chance now.

Steve Blackman v. Gangrel

Despite a video package clearly showing Owen Hart and the Blue Blazer standing in the same place at the same time, TWICE, Michael Cole still can’t figure out how Owen Hart is doing it since he’s clearly the Blue Blazer. What a weird and senseless storyline. Blackman misses an elbow and Gangrel pounds on him, but Blackman gets a superkick and slugs away to take over. Gangrel catches him with a clothesline for two and a floatover suplex for two. Gangrel drops him on the top rope for two, but Blackman fights back until Gangrel elbows him down for two. Blackman with a dropkick and belly to belly suplex for the comeback, but now the Brood all runs in and Gangrel finishes with the Implant DDT at 3:20. And then the Blue Blazer rappels from the ceiling, but he has problems with the harness and can’t escape. Oh man, that’s eerie and very uncomfortable. 0 for 4.

Mr. McMahon is out to call out the various principals in the tournament and VENT HIS SPLEEN, but it turns into a big battle royal as the hard sell for the tournament and the announcers are yelling a lot and we’re out.

Oh man, that Blue Blazer spot…no thank you.