What the World Was Watching: WCW Worldwide – February 4, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are today’s commentary team and they are taped from Orlando, Florida.

Opening Contest:  The Blacktop Bully (w/Colonel Robert Parker & Meng) (4-0) defeats Barry Houston via submission to the Breaker 1-9 at 3:46:

These two previously faced each other on Saturday Night on January 7.  Houston struggles with a kip up, but he would make Vince McMahon proud for how much hang time he gets from a back body drop.  This squash goes on and on until Houston tries a comeback in the corner, gets thrown off the top rope, and submitted.

Gene Okerlund interviews Avalanche and Big Bubba Rogers.  Rogers accuses Sting of being able to follow different rules when they were both babyfaces while Avalanche says nothing of note.

Stars & Stripes (5-2) beat Tony Mella & Derek Lambert when Marcus Bagwell pins Lambert after a suplex-flying body press combination at 3:40:

The Patriot gets a big shine in the match, dominating when he is tagged in.  Bagwell looks less impressive, getting beaten on by the jobbers for half of the contest, but he does get the winning pin.

Okerlund provides the SuperBrawl Report.  A replay of the Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart promo that aired on WCW Pro airs.

The end of the Sting-Avalanche match at Clash of the Champions is shown.

Dustin Rhodes (6-0) pins Jimmy Rogers after a bulldog at 2:35:

Rogers, who sports one of the jobbiest wrestler names that ever jobbed, wrestles in an unsightly black t-shirt.  He gets to kick out of a flying clothesline before Rhodes dances like his dad as he throws some elbows.  This was much more entertaining than the Blacktop Bully’s squash at the beginning of the show.

Okerlund interviews Randy Savage & Sting.  Sting puts over Savage before saying he is going to straighten out Big Bubba Rogers at SuperBrawl.  Savage adds he has Sting’s back.

The end of the Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage-Kevin Sullivan & the Butcher tag team match from Clash of the Champions is shown.  This includes the Hogan-Big Van Vader confrontation at the end of that match.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Sting defeat Arn Anderson & Bunkhouse Buck (w/Colonel Robert Parker & Meng) (1-1) when Sting pins Buck after a schoolboy at 4:51:

Neither team gets an entrance as we go from the Clash clip to this bout, which stems from the end of last week’s show where Anderson interfered at the end of a Hacksaw-Buck singles match.  The faces show hardly a shred of vulnerability, outwitting the heels at every turn.  Anderson is so dazed after a Sting roll up that he cannot break up Sting’s cover on Buck seconds later.  The outcome marks Anderson’s third straight loss since he won at Clash of the Champions against Johnny B. Badd.  Rating:  *

Tune in next week to see Hacksaw Jim Duggan square off against Arn Anderson!  Also, Avalanche will be in a handicap match!  And the Blacktop Bully and Lord Steven Regal will be in singles action!

The Last Word:  There was nothing here worth mentioning again.  Arn Anderson is being weighed down as part of the Stud Stable as he has far more star power than anyone in the group and he does not need a manager to talk for him.  However, being television champion is much better than being told “Creative has nothing for you.”

Up Next:  WCW Saturday Night for February 4!