Friday Night Party Thread: August 17, 2018

Okay, so after taking an informal poll in the Day thread, I’ll keep the indie roundup but not interject where it isn’t warranted.  Also, I need to vet my sources better.

On a serious note, the Sunday Night Reset will be up at 6PM ET to coincide with the start of the Kickoff show.  Now, I know when it’s Mania, there tends to be one thread every hour, and SummerSlam is the #2 event of the year.  So, lemme ask y’all: should we just have one thread for the 5-6 hour show?  Should I create one at 9?  Or at 8 and 10?  Or do we go all out, hour by hour?

Joey Janela’s Lost In New York is going on tonight on FITE tv’s iPPV service.

Enjoy the weekend!