What the World Was Watching: WCW Pro – February 4, 1995

Gordon Solie, Dusty Rhodes, and Larry Zbyszko are the commentary team and they are taped from Columbus, Georgia.

Opening Contest:  Hacksaw Jim Duggan (5-0) pins Bert Styles after the three-point stance clothesline at 1:51:

No information can be found about Styles, but the chances of him being related to the “Phenomenal One” are slim.  There is nothing phenomenal about this squash, as Duggan runs through his usual array of moves, fires up the crowd, and is happy to wave the American flag.

The Blacktop Bully (w/Colonel Robert Parker & Meng) (3-0) defeats Scott Sandlin via submission to the Breaker 1-9 at 2:23:

Sandlin wrestled a lot in the Ohio Valley area during the 1990s, doing some work for Smoky Mountain Wrestling (SMW) in 1992 and then wrestling as a regular for Ohio Valley Wrestling by the end of the decade.  Dusty talks about how ugly the Bully is as the smaller Sandlin is beaten down before submitting.

Gene Okerlund provides the SuperBrawl Report.  WCW Champion Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart hype the main event, with Hogan saying that Big Van Vader is a mere mortal and that the Earth will open up and swallow Vader whole when he slams him.  Ric Flair getting sucked into the hole is said to be a possible bonus.

A replay of Brian Pillman getting information for Baywatch is shown.  This time we get some clips of Pillman seriously studying his script before he has to go on camera.  We also get some slow motion clips of him running on the beach.

Alex Wright (10-0) pins Tony Vincent with a reverse flying body press at 1:37:

Vincent got used a lot by WCW in squash matches between 1993-1995 and he helps pad Wright’s win/loss record on today’s broadcast.  Paul Roma wanders out to ringside as Wright hits his finisher, but nothing comes from that.

Diamond Dallas Page hosts his weekly arm wrestling challenge.  His opponent is Barry Houston, who loses in less than two seconds.  Dave Sullivan comes into the ring after that and says he would like to try.  Dave says he would take the Diamond Doll to “King Lion”, causing Dusty to laugh loudly on commentary.  The Diamond Doll likes that idea, though.  Page says he will arm wrestle Dave next week.

Paul Roma (1-1) defeats Davey Rich after a flying elbow drop at 3:12:

Rich holds his own with Roma until he gets spun 360 degrees from a clothesline and it is complete domination from there on out.  Roma gets massive hang time with his flying elbow.

Call 1-900-909-9900 to hear what top tag team is headed to WCW!  Also, a former heavyweight champion died at the age of forty-five.  This was another money scheme for Okerlund as the “heavyweight champion” he was referring to was Jerry Blackwell.  Blackwell was never a world champion as a singles but he was a AWA World Tag Team Champion with Ken Patera.

Television Championship Match:  Dustin Rhodes (5-0) beats Arn Anderson (Champion w/Colonel Robert Parker & Meng) (3-1) via disqualification when Bunkhouse Buck and the Blacktop Bully interfere at 7:10:

These two feuded the previous year, caused by Anderson turning on Rhodes during a tag team match at Bash at the Beach.  Zbyszko vaguely references that on commentary before the bell rings.  Anderson has been a fighting champion, defending the belt four times in less than two weeks.  He spends the bulk of the match working Rhodes leg, only for Rhodes to quit selling it when making a comeback.  Rhodes hits the bulldog, but Parker distracts the referee and other members of the Stud Stable run in to save Anderson’s title.  Hacksaw Jim Duggan comes to Rhodes’ aid and they drive off the heels.  Rating:  **

Dusty says that it is tough to see his son attacked in the main event.  They discuss WCW Saturday Night.

The Last Word:  Most of the familiar faces got easy wins on today’s show.  The finish for the main event was predictable, although having Anderson win via pinfall may have been a better outcome to put more heat on the Rhodes-Bully feud.

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