Thursday Night Discussion and Impact: August 16, 2018

Let’s begin the way we always do as we present the coming weekend in indie wrestling:

  • Action Wrestling will kick off Friday night in Georgia with a charity card.  Cain Justice will face Dominic Garrini, while (in a matchup I’ve seen before and can vouch for its awesomeness) Fred Yehi takes on the East Coast’s best kept secret in Arik Royal.
  • Super Viernes from CMLL airs Friday night on Claro TV and the Internet, as it does every Friday.  I won’t always mention it, but this week’s show deserves a note: Diamante Azul, El Valiente, and Mistico (the one that wasn’t Sin Cara) will face Ultimo Guerrero, wrestling’s favorite grandpa Negro Casas, and someone from Japan named Kazuchika Okada.  I’ve heard he’s all right.
  • LIVE FROM NEW YORK IT’S JOEY JANELA!  Janela’s been given the book for a GCW show in the Big Apple on Friday night and the results are Janelariffic.  The Bad Boy himself will face Jinsei “Hakushi” Shinzaki, while Matt Riddle takes on PCO and Chris Dickinson squares off against Teddy Hart.  Plus Ethan Page and Nick Gage will be in action, though not against each other.  (Note that Gage’s opponent was to have been Meng, but the Tongan pulled out to attend Jim Neidhart’s funeral.  Also note that Teddy Hart did NOT pull out.)
  • RevPro’s Summer Sizzler is on Friday night in London and the headline match may just tear York Hall down as Tomohiro Ishii squares off against WALTER.
  • Black Label Pro will run Crown Point, Indiana on Saturday night for National Slampoon’s Wrestling Vacation.  Janela continues his “I want to wrestle everyone I grew up watching on TV” tour as he faces D’Lo Brown, while PCO squares off against Darby Allin and Tom Lawlor faces CW Anderson.
  • OTT in Dublin runs their second annual Wrestle-Rama show on Saturday Night.  WALTER challenges Jordan Devlin for the gold, while the undercard features Ishii against Juice Robinson and David Starr against Timothy Thatcher.
  • Sunday afternoon has A-1 Wrestling out of Oshawa, ON.  Current main event is Brett Michael David and Justin Sane in a street fight, while the tag title match will have Santino Marella as guest referee.
  • PWX also runs Sunday afternoon in Concord, North Carolina.  Scorpio Sky will challenge Ethan Case for the PWX crown, their Money in the Bank match takes place, and the semifinals of the 2018 Crockett Cup will be held (Country Jacked vs. Ugly Ducklings and GymNasty Boys vs. WorkHorsemen).
  • RevPro does a show Sunday afternoon as well from Southampton.  Not all of the card has been announced, but the highlight thus far is David Starr vs. Soberano, Jr.

Tonight’s IMPACT is loaded to the gills, with LAX/OGz in a street fight, Allie/Yung, Jacobs/Mundo, a Penta/Sami rematch, Henry/Drake, and the debut of Scarlett Bordeaux’s talk show.

And now, indulge me for a moment.  (climbs on soapbox)

For those of you defending Meltzer and saying that internet commentators are being too harsh on him, read this summary by my fellow SB Nation contributor Jake Nazar.  Your reputation precedes you, Dave.

NOT MENTIONED but also important: as part of his defense of Michael Elgin, he published the address of his accuser’s workplace – a domestic violence shelter.  That’s the kind of place that remains unlisted for a very good reason, Dave.  By publishing the address, he potentially gave abusive and violent men in the area a lead to finding their victims.  All this to defend a wrestler he likes.

So before you defend Meltzer as being piled on, consider: this isn’t an isolated incident.

(steps down from soapbox)

Enjoy the night, everyone.