Dave Meltzer & #METOO

Hi Scott,

I know you been reading Meltzers newsletters for years, but do you think that this latest scandal might fianlly bring the #MeToo movement to Meltzer's door?

It's not like this is the first time he has been offensive when talking about womens appearances and his actions regarding sexual & domestic assault victims has been disgusting. 

Not only has he referred to women complaining about domestic abuse & maritial rape as "just being one of those things". But in order to defend Sean Orleans after he raped a woman, Meltzer decided to publish the rape victim's full name address & even the details of the women's refuge she was staying at so that his fans could contact her in defence of Orleans.

Will this latest scandal bring the microscope over his previous actions, or will it not matter? 

You lost me on that last one.  What are you even referring to?