WWF Madison Square Garden – February 23rd, 1992

February 23, 1992

From Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan, and Lord Alfred Hayes

Tonight, there is a 20 man battle royal featuring Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Sid Justice


Jim Brunzell vs. The Berzerker

Brunzell starts off with a monkey flip and tries to use his speed but misses an attack in the corner. Berzerker hammers away then takes Brunzell outside with a dropkick. Heenan is grilled over picking a winner of the battle royal and says Flair since he also won the Rumble. Berzerker heads out and pulls up the mat then slams Brunzell on the floor. Back inside, Brunzell tries to fight back but is once again knocked outside. Brunzell pulls Berzerker down and slams his leg off of the post. Berzerker fights back and sends Brunzell into the steps before the action heads back inside. Berzerker grounds Brunzell with a front facelock as we learn Piper is facing the Repo Man tonight. Brunzell jumps on Berzerker’s back and for a sleeper but Berzerker breaks that up then uses a chinlock. Brunzell escapes but runs into a knee smash. Brunzell then ends up kicking Berzerker in the leg several times. Brunzell is once again shoved outside then back into the ring, Berzerker gets two with a flying shoulder tackle. Brunzell comes back with a high knee then starts to run wild. He hits a dropkick for a two count but after that gets caught with a falling slam and that gets the win (8:44) *1/2.

Thoughts: Odd to see Berzerker actually get a pinfall win so I suppose this will be his finisher. This match exceeded my low expectations.


Nasty Boys w/ Jimmy Hart vs. The Bushwhackers

Gorilla also tells us about newly announced WrestleMania matches such as Shawn Michaels vs. El Matador. Both teams play to the crowd then The Bushwhackers clean house. Butch then holds up a sign from the crowd saying The Bushwhackers should be President & Vice President then Gorilla talks about how we have new Tag Team Champions due to Jimmy Hart but does not care to elaborate. The Nasty Boys take control and cut off the ring as they beat on Luke. Knobbs misses a corner splash but Sags knocks Butch off of the apron to prevent a tag as the Nasty Boys regain control. Sags uses a reverse chinlock as Butch rallies behind his partner. Knobbs tags in and continues the excitement with a chinlock of his own. Knobbs then heads up top but misses an attack and that allows Luke to tag out. Butch runs wild then the match breaks down and Hart runs interference and it allows Sags to hit Butch from behind with the ring bell as the Nasty Boys get the win (12:38) 3/4*.

Thoughts: The action was poor but The Bushwhackers were on the card to get the fans into the match and usually succeeded in that even if their act was running on empty.


Chris Walker vs. The Warlord

They size each other up then Walker grabs a side headlock. Warlord catches Walker in midair and drops him with a slam. Walker hammers away after avoiding an elbow drop then Warlord rolls out for a breather after Walker hit a pair of dropkicks. Warlord returns then dumps Walker after some back-and-forth action. Walker tries to take Warlord over with a sunset flip but that gets blocked as the Warlord is back in control. Warlord uses a chinlock but Walker fights back and hits a few flying double axe handles then a crossbody for a two count. Walker then tries for a hurricarana but Warlord catches him and turns that into a powerbomb for the win (11:44) *.

Thoughts: Really slow-paced, basic match but given the participants it was for the best. The crowd could not be bothered to care.


Ad for WrestleMania VIII


Hercules vs. Sid Justice

Hercules seems fucked up and his face is even more bloated than usual. Hercules comes out for his match. However, Harvey Whippleman comes out and introduces Sid Justice. Sid then says the WWF is full of cowards and the biggest is Hogan. Sid calls Hercules a coward and will give him a chance to leave unscathed then turns his back. Herc pats Sid on the back and knocks him outside. Hercules is then caught chasing Sid around and gets booted before Sid puts him away with a powerbomb (0:23). Herc immediately sits up and rather quickly on his feet.

Thoughts: What a fucking match. Herc did not give a shit and how he took the powerbomb was hilarious in his final MSG appearance and his last match I saw with the company took place the following day in Worcester, MA.
Repo Man vs. Roddy Piper

Repo Man takes a woman’s watch during his entrance. And Piper promises to get it back. Piper whips Repo Man with his belt then chokes him out. Repo Man manages to use an inverted atomic drop but that does not have any effect and he gets knocked outside. Repo Man sneaks up on Piper but Piper floats over on a slam attempt and puts on a sleeper. Repo Man reaches the ropes then tries to use his rope but the ref takes it then as the ref tries to put it away, Piper hits Repo Man with the hook and drops an elbow for the win (3:31) 1/2*. After the match, Piper gives the woman her watch back.

Thoughts: The story of Piper getting this woman’s watch back was fun but there was nothing to this match.


Lord Alfred is backstage doing interviews hyping the battle royal. They include: Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, Sid Justice, and Hulk Hogan.


British Bulldog vs. The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer

The announcers talk about what took place on the Funeral Parlor between Jake and Undertaker. Bulldog lands a few shots then clotheslines Undertaker outside. Undertaker lands on his feet then returns and beats on Bulldog. Undertaker now chokes Bulldog out then blocks a suplex and goes back to more choking.  Bulldog fights back with a dropkick but after that is whipped into the corner. Bulldog fights back and this time hits a delayed vertical suplex but Undertaker sits right up. Bulldog charges but Undertaker catches him with a hotshot and gets the win (5:19) *.

Thoughts: Another short match without much action or heat from the crowd but with the battle royal as the main event this is to be expected.


“The Model” Rick Martel vs. Big Bossman

Martel runs down the crowd for being classless. He then slaps Bossman across the face and keeps running away. Martel keeps acting like a coward then hits Bossman with a few knee smashes. Bossman blocks a reverse rollup and slams Martel twice as a frightened Martel bails. Martel misses an attack in the corner then Bossman goes to work on the arm. Bossman drops Martel with an uppercut that draws an applause from the crowd. Bossman rams Martel into the corner a few times but misses a charge as Martel hits him with a back suplex. Martel works a reverse chinlock now then hits a backbreaker. Martel taunts the fans and takes his time before heading up top and Bossman shakes the ropes. Martel falls down the Bossman hammers away. Martel tries to grab his Arrogance but Bossman kicks him down. Bossmanthen grabs the Arrogance but the ref stops him and that allows Martel to whack Bossman from behind with the nightstick for the win (13:49) **.

Thoughts: Martel winning was a shock but Bossman’s stock has really taken a hit with the awful IRS feud. Bossman is also far too talented to get wasted like he is at this present time.


Finkel runs down the March 23rd show. Matches include: Skinner (ended up being replaced by Col. Mustafa) vs. Tatanka, Shawn Michaels vs. Virgil, IRS vs. El Matador, Nasty Boys & The Mountie vs. Bushwhackers & Bret Hart, and the main event of Ric Flair & Sid Justice vs. Roddy Piper & Hulk Hogan. Rick Martel (who faced JW Storm) and Warlord (who faced Jim Brunzell) are also on the card. Talk about a one match show.


20 Man Battle Royal: Kato, Jim Brunzell, The Berzerker, British Bulldog, Rick Martel, Hercules, Butch, Luke, Skinner, Repo Man, Warlord, Chris Walker, Roddy Piper, Brian Knobbs, Jerry Sags, The Undertaker, Big Bossman, Sid Justice, Ric Flair, and Hulk Hogan

Hogan immediately goes after Sid then the match begins. They end up outside briefly but did not go over the top rope. Butch is the first person eliminated courtesy of the Nasty Boys. Hogan now hammers away on Flair until he is attacked from behind by The Berzerker. We go a few minutes then see Berzerker hang himself up on the ropes and get dumped by Hogan. Skinner tries to clothesline Piper but whiffs and gets eliminated then Kato is dumped by Piper. Martel eliminates Brunzell as the eliminations are now happening at a rapid pace. Hogan and Hercules go at it as Herc still doesn’t give a fuck out there and ends up getting eliminated. Bossman gets revenge by dumping Martel then we see Piper try to eliminate The Undertaker. Heenan freaks out as Hogan almost dumps Flair but Sid makes the save. Flair and Piper start brawling then Sags is dumped by Hogan. The Undertaker dumps Luke and right after that Warlord backdrops Walker over the top rope. Repo Man & Flair team up and beat on Piper but Piper ducks an attack and eliminates both men with a double clothesline. Heenan says its fine because he will be more rested for WrestleMania. Sid gets rid of Piper then Flair starts chopping Piper on the outside. Sid and Hogan go at it then Undertaker is dumped by Bossman as others also help make that possible. Bossman now beats on Warlord then saves Hogan from Knobbs. Sid dumps Bulldog then soon after that Hogan eliminates Knobbs as the final four are Hogan, Sid, Warlord, and Bossman. Warlord misses a clothesline then Hogan takes him out. Bossman misses a charge and Sid gets rid of him as we are down to Hogan and Sid with the crowd on their feet. Sid cheap shots Hogan then lands some kicks. Sid misses a charge then Hogan fires away. The ref steps in between then Sid decks Hogan and in the process stuns the ref. Sid runs the ref into the corner as Gorilla yells how there should not be a ref in their to begin with. Hogan then dumps Sid but the ref is down. Hogan goes to wake up the ref but Sid hits him with Whippleman’s doctor bag. Sid then rolls Hogan outside and tells the ref what he did and Sid gets the win (16:37) *1/2.

Thoughts: Until the end, I thought the action was good but my god was this finish fucking terrible. The referee running in was dumb and even worse was Gorilla screaming that he should not be in there to begin with and it came across terribly on TV. Sid gets the cheapest of cheap wins to keep his feud with Hogan going strong.


Final Thoughts: The MSG crowds were shrinking and with shows like this its no wonder. And, the next show wound up being the last show televised on the MSG Network until 1997. That show also only drew 9,000 and after this event I cannot see why you’d want to return the next month. There is no reason to seek out this show and its one of the worst televised MSG cards ever.


Gorilla is backstage with Hogan and asks about what happened. Hogan says he rules and calls Sid the biggest coward he’s seen. Hogan then says he proved that Hulkamania will rule 1992 and promises to serve Sid with his own brand of justice.