A DDP Yoga Success Story

Greetings Scott,

I come to you today with my own success story with DDPYoga.  You were kind enough to post my story on your site before, and in hopes that it might help someone, i’m hoping you might post the updated version.  The kind folks at DDPY have created a new video about me and I think it turned out pretty great, hopefully your readers will think the same.

Long story short, I lost 75 lbs and have been able to maintain, and at the same time build muscle mass.


That’s the video that they just released, here is my updated profile page on the DDPY website:


This is the previous post you were kind enough to share:


This program works, and it continues to be a life changer.

Thank you Scott, hopefully you will feel that it’s strong enough to post on your great blog.

Sean Machado

PS I will send you a separate email with some before and after pics you can choose to run or not.  Thanks.

Thanks Sean, and as always, bless DDP for the work he’s doing in making a positive difference in so many people’s lives!