Mark Wahlberg Talks Ronda Rousey

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Actor Mark Wahlberg called the Dan Patrick Show and talked about a variety of topics including his new movie, “Mile 22”. Asked about Ronda Rousey, Wahlberg mentions that if he got inside the octagon with Rousey,
he would never try to fight with her. Wahlberg says Rousey did an amazing job in their film together and that she will continue to grow further in her acting career. 


In the segment, Wahlberg addresses his friendship with Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, saying he wouldn’t be surprised if the Browns end up with a winning record this season. The actor goes on
to state that Tom Brady is the greatest of all time, and that his five super bowl championships in eight appearances cements his legacy. In the interview, Wahlberg jokes saying he does not do the Tom Brady method and needs to do “real strength and conditioning”
instead of working out with bands.


Wahlberg states that he is indeed a soccer fan and how this year’s World Cup gave him the chance to enjoy the game even more. With the latest surrounding the Columbus Crew potentially moving, Wahlberg addresses
the situation by saying he is looking into helping the Crew stay in Columbus, but he will need to first speak with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft to see if it is a good investment.


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No problem.  Best of luck to Mark should he ever decide to face Ronda in the cage!