Sunday Night Reset: August 12, 2018

So yesterday I was in a seminar with Kevin Sulivan himself and got advice on how to be a marketable wrestler from him.  Also lots of encouragement because, as he felt, this was a time when there would soon be roster turnover at the top of WWE which meant lots of chances for upward mobility throughout all of wrestling.  That evening, we did a dojo show and he took part in the main event!  He stuck around and took pictures with all of us afterwards, then we headed to dinner together and heard road stories.

So this morning, I *was* Homer.

Still — best day of my wrestling adventure ever.

In indie wrestling news, two major title changes occurred Saturday.  Flamita and Bandido won the PROGRESS Tag Team Championships, while Mr. Touchdown Mark Angelosetti ended the 16-month reign of Juan Francisco de Coronado atop CHIKARA.

Tonight’s baseball Game of the Week is Nationals at Cubs.

Now to see where I put my liver after last night.  Enjoy the night!