Magnum and Macho

I had no idea Magnum T.A. and Randy Savage ever teamed together so that's a true hidden gem. That is indeed a manly team!

Obviously Savage made the right call by jumping to the WWF in the mid-80s but imagine an alternate universe where he had gone to the NWA for even a couple years and we got a Magnum-Macho feud. That could have been epic.

Magnum's tragic crash remains a bummer more than 30 years later. The business was changing but I still have to think Magnum would have had an amazing career.

No doubt.  He could have carried the NWA as the #2 guy under Flair for years.  Savage even showing up in an NWA territory kind of blows my mind as well, because his outlaw promotion rep made him basically hands-off for most promoters in the South.  Like, holy shit, Savage v. Flair for the World title in 1984?  Can you imagine how awesome that would have been?  
God bless the WWE Network.