Macho Man Movie Star

Hey Scott,

Just wondering, did Savage ever consider going into acting in the '80s/90s? I know he had that sweet Slim Jim deal and, of course, Spider-Man but, in his heyday, he was not too far down from Hogan as far as popularity and he probably could've carried an summer action blockbuster. It wouldn't take too much to re-imagine, for example, Demolition Man, with Savage as Snipes (or Stallone for that matter).

It just feels like, once Piper proved that the WWF to hollywood transition was, at least, feasible, and you know that, for example, Stallone had no problems putting wrestlers in his film, Savage might have considered calling it a career around 93-95, when it was clear Vince didn't want him in the ring, instead of going to WCW.


I think he would have had to drop his drug intake too much.