Friday Night Party Thread: August 10, 2018

Welcome to the weekend!  I’m Andy PG, and I’ve gotten less exposure in wrestling than Randy Orton’s penis.  (Man, what a weird story THAT is.)

Oh, speaking of penises, Austin Aries got upset over the fact that his match at Brooklyn II with No Way Jose was somewhat glossed over in favor of Hideo Itami’s return post-match on a WWE Network Twitter post.  “And what’s either guy done since?  Great success?” he ranted, claiming he was Jose’s career highlight.  Aries then responded to a reply saying he wasn’t as good as AJ Styles by claiming to be “laterally [sic] the definition of special in the ring” and “so nuanced in the art that you don’t even realize how special and high level I am”.  He also said he was “Once In lifetime”, proving that Twitter should never, ever get an edit button.  (Yeah, Friday’s a slow news day, but any time a world champion has a public meltdown, it’s good theater.)

Our weekly Groupwatch is WWA Eruption.  The ringleaders will be by to post details soon, I’m sure.

Tomorrow, I attend a seminar taught by Kevin Sullivan, which I know I mentioned in the morning thread but dude I’m really excited so bear with me.

Enjoy the weekend!