WWF Wrestling Challenge – February 9th, 1992

February 9, 1992

From the Lee Civic Center in Ft. Myers, FL

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Vince McMahon

This week in action are the Legion of Doom, the debut of Papa Shango, and the Big Bossman. Plus, last week’s “Funeral Parlor” segment with Sensational Sherri and even more matches announced for WrestleMania VIII.


Big Bossman vs. Jim Cooper

The announcers hype up the “Saturday Night’s Main Event” show as Bossman beats on Cooper in the corner. Bossman stays in control as the announcers briefly discuss his feud with IRS before going back to SNME hype. Bossman kicks Cooper a few times then puts him away with a sidewalk slam (2:49).

Thoughts: They had some focus on the Bossman/IRS feud as it was still going around the house show circuit but its a really cold midcard feud.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. Same as the Update segment from “Superstars” where they hyped up SNME


Skinner vs. Kevin Katlin

The announcers talk about the IC Title match on SNME as Skinner beats on Katlin. Skinner is then shown in an insert promo telling us no one knows what to expect when they enter the ring with him and proceeds to hold up two small alligators. Skinner stays in control then hits an inverted DDT for the win (1:52).

Thoughts: We got more SNME hype as Skinner languishes in the lower midcard.


An ad for WrestleMania VIII with classic Mania moments airs


Repo Man vs. Mickey Jay

The announcers talk about the WWF hats as Repo Man cheap shots Jay. Repo Man stays in control as we hear from Virgil in an insert promo hyping their feud. Repo Man yells at Jay about his payments then soon after that puts him away by grapevining the leg (2:19). After the match, Repo Man drags Jay around the ring by a noose.

Thoughts: Still going with the Repo Man/Virgil feud which is also going around the house show circuit.


Texas Tornado vs. Pat Tanaka

Tanaka jumps Tornado before he can take off his robe. Tornado fights back as Heenan makes fun of him for being a moron. Tornado then takes Tanaka down with a claw and after that the announcers talk about the newest edition of “WWF Magazine” and an article on charity work where Tornado is featured. Tornado then puts Tanaka away with a Tornado Punch after a long delay (2:02).

Thoughts: A couple of things here. First, the company using Tornado to showcase their charity work in an attempt at much needed good PR due to steroid scandals and soon to be other stuff was nuts as not only was he visibly fucked up on TV for the past several weeks but the day before this aired he was arrested for forging prescriptions and the day this aired he was arrested for giving police a false address and phone number. Tornado would go into rehab and return to TV later in the spring.


The Funeral Parlor segment


Legion of Doom vs. Bob Avery & Bob Morgan

The announcers talk about SNME as the LoD jump their opponents. The LoD now toss Morgan around then do the same to Avery before putting him away with the Doomsday Device (2:07).

Thoughts: The LoD never wound up on SNME defending against the Beverly Brothers. Instead, the Beverly Brothers faced Slaughter & Duggan and lost in under three minutes.


Papa Shango vs. Brian Costello

Shango beats on Costello then hits a splash in the corner. Shango lands a few stomps then hits a slam and a leg drop and stays in control until using a reverse shoulderbreaker for the win (2:13).

Thoughts: The Shango character is in its infancy and the crowds do not seem to know what to make about the gimmick.


Next week in action are Sgt. Slaughter & Jim Duggan, The Undertaker, and Bret Hart. The show ends with comments from Flair & Undertaker then from Hogan. Sid is not with Hogan for the promo.


Final Thoughts: More last minute SNME hype (read my review here ) as the march towards WrestleMania VIII continues.