Roman Reigns/Paul Heyman

I don't know if you saw the interesting footage WWE released with Heyman but at the end of the video when he told Renee that Roman has no chance against Brock, he said "unless….." but wouldn't elaborate further. Are we FINALLY seeing the heel turn? To be honest it would be a perfect story arc for the Roman/Brock fued. The big thing WWE has used is having guys like Joe and Lashley point out to Roman that he can't get it done against Brock so what if Reigns starts to realize he can't and gets desperate ala aligning with Heyman. Whether they go that route or not is one thing but it'll be interesting to see if they go somewhere with Heymans comment or drop it all together.

I'm gonna vote for "completely forget about it and drop it altogether."  Roman's not turning heel.