Impact Wrestling – August 9, 2018

Impact Wrestling
Date: August 9, 2018
Location: Rebel Sports Complex, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Commentators: Josh Matthews, Don Callis

We’re already at a big night with the World Title on the line. This time around it’s Eddie Edwards getting the title shot against Austin Aries, who is in need of a next major challenger. There’s a ton of time before Bound For Glory so this probably just a one off match. Let’s get to it.

The OGz and LAX are fighting in the back with Ortiz throwing hangers at Hernandez. Those are some dangerous weapons. Hernandez wraps a chair around Ortiz’s head and slams it into a wall though and security breaks it up after the OGz get the better of it.

Opening sequence.

Taiji Ishimori/Petey Williams vs. Desi Hit Squad

Ishimori spins around Singh to start and takes him down with a springboard seated senton. Williams comes in for a few running dropkicks to both Singh and Raju but the numbers get the better of him. A knee to the back sets up a jumping Downward Spiral and Raju gets two off a DDT.

The gordbuster gets the same but Petey sends them into each other and tags Ishimori. House is cleaned, including a reverse DDT/Downward Spiral combination. Raju sweeps the leg and gets two off a double stomp as everything breaks down. The Canadian Destroyer is broken up with a Backstabber so Ishimori knees Singh. Now the Destroyer can hit Raju, followed by the implant DDT onto the knees to finish Raju at 6:29.

Rating: C. I can’t imagine they’re pulling the plug on the Hit Squad so soon but my goodness they’re lifeless as a team. Their work is fine though rather generic but the bigger problem is there’s no spark. They’re just not very interesting and don’t have anything to distinguish themselves other than they’re from India and their manager was a star in his day. I need a lot more than that.

Pentagon Jr. promises to introduce Matt Sydal to a universe of pain.

Allie promises to get back at Tessa Blanchard. She’s not done with Su Yung either and wants to fight next week, even if it’s a non-title match. Kiera Hogan says bring the Undead Bridesmaids and the whole Undead family.

Video on Eddie Edwards snapping and his descent into madness, including attacking Austin Aries two weeks ago.

Aries wants to know what happened to Edwards. He used to be one of the best wrestlers in the world but now Aries doesn’t know what has become of him. Aries is that much better, no matter how dangerous and over the top Edwards has become.

Grado is annoyed at losing last week but Joe Hendry and Katarina calm him down. Hendry will take care of Eli Drake next week. They leave without Grado.

Alisha vs. Tessa Blanchard

No more Edwards name for Alisha. Tessa isn’t waiting here and gorilla presses Alisha in an impressive power display. A headscissors is shrugged off and Tessa suplexes her for two. Alisha gets caught on the ropes for a running dropkick to the back as this is pure dominance so far. Tessa misses a running elbow on the ropes though and comes up favoring her arm. A bulldog gives Alisha two and a bulldog is good for the same. Tessa gets creative with a slingshot spinebuster (she’s been watching her dad) and the hammerlock DDT is good for the pin at 6:19.

Rating: D+. Mostly a squash here and Tessa looked good in the process. You don’t need to have her destroy Alisha so the minimal offense was fine and the ending was all it needed to be. That’s a good two move combination for Tessa as well with the homage to her dad and then the finisher. They have something special with her and if the company pushes her right, she could be a big deal for a long time to come.

Post match Tessa calls out Allie as being selfish. If she’s coming for Yung and the Knockouts Title, Tessa is coming for Allie.

Bob, the love smitten interviewer from last week, carries all of Scarlett Bordeaux’s bags, including a small one that she gets on him for forgetting.

Matt Sydal says he’s lost the X-Division Title but he has the same spirit that allowed him to win it in the first place. He’ll open everyone’s third eyes.

From Unbreakable: Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams.

KM and Fallah Bahh argue with Bahh only saying his name. Bordeaux comes in and says they’re looking good, flustering both of them.

Bordeaux complains to the faceless reporters about all of the women being mean to her. They fall all over her (the leaning forward in the revealing top likely helps) and she gets a talk show out of it.

Matt Sydal vs. Pentagon Jr.

A lot of shouting about CERO MIEDO and third eyes fill in the first minute until they go to the mat for some broken headlocks. Pentagon goes with what works best for him by kicking at the leg and chopping at the chest. Some kicks from Sydal gets him out of trouble just as fast but Pentagon hits back to back Sling Blades, as is his custom.

Both guys crawl under the ring with Sydal coming out first and dropkicking Pentagon in the side of the head. Sydal stays on the knee and Pentagon has some trouble getting back inside. Instead of following up, Sydal points at the third eye over and over. Dude it didn’t work for CJ Parker in NXT and it’s not going to work for you either. A running knee off the apron takes Pentagon down and takes us to a break.

Back with Pentagon hitting a Backstabber out of the corner for two but Sydal avoids having his arm broken. The Pentagon Driver only gets two and Sydal blocks another Backstabber. A top rope splash to the back of a standing Pentagon gets two and it’s time to go up again. The shooting star only hits knees though and the Fear Factor gives Pentagon the pin at 16:58.

Rating: B-. I’m really not feeling the third eye thing but at least the matches have been fine enough. Pentagon is an absolute star and is tearing it up everywhere he goes at the moment. The fact that he’s a former World Champion here makes it even better as he has credibility in the bigger promotion instead of just being an indy sensation. Good match.

Post match OVE pops up on screen with Sami Callihan ranting about how he’s sick of being mocked for having his head shaved. One of the Crist Brothers is getting their head shaved right now so Jake shaves Dave. Sami likes the three of them looking like a family.

Here are LAX and Konnan for a chat. Konnan talks about winning the street fight because they’re undefeated in that kind of a match. If the OGz and King want a fight, come get one. King and the OGz are in the balcony but Konnan cuts him off, calling King a glory hole. King talks about taking the titles from LAX and yells at the fans to shut their stupid Canadian mouths. They need to take it to the streets, which seems to be accepted with Konnan being involved in some way.

Preview for next week, including Bordeaux’s Smoke Show.

Jimmy Jacobs says he’s a good guy and didn’t deserve to have Johnny Impact punch him in the face last week. He was trying to spare Johnny from the wrath of Kongo Kong but Johnny wants the monster. Jimmy says it’s on next week, because Jimmy is the monster. I think that means Jimmy vs. Johnny next week.

Impact Wrestling World Title: Austin Aries vs. Eddie Edwards

Aries is defending. After waiting for Eddie to put down his kendo stick, we’re ready to go with Josh listing off Eddie’s career accomplishments. Eddie is in street clothes and hits an early belly to belly before doing angels in the snow on the mat. Aries is so freaked out that he goes to the floor as we take a break.

Back with Josh saying that absolutely nothing happened during the commercial because Aries is so scared. They switch places with Eddie blocking Aries’ suicide dive with a forearm to the head and chopping him up against the barricade. Aries begs off and gets thrown down with a release gordbuster. He’s fine enough to pull Eddie to the floor and that means a suicide dive. Back in and Aries slugs away with forearms and chops, though Eddie just opens his shirt and invites him to chop harder.

A Blue Thunder Bomb drops Aries, with Josh pointing out how long it’s been since Eddie has used that move. In other words, despite the insanity, the talented Eddie is still in there. Eddie gets two off a tiger driver but Aries is right back with a sunset bomb off the top into the Last Chancery. A bite of the finger gets Eddie out and Aries grabs the belt. The referee breaks that up so Eddie hits him low and rolls Aries up for two.

There goes the referee but Aries misses a belt shot, allowing Eddie to grab a DDT. There’s no count so let’s get the kendo stick. A shot to the head knocks Aries silly and Eddie chokes in the corner. Cue Killer Kross to give Eddie a Saito suplex, leaving Aries to hit the brainbuster to retain at 17:11.

Rating: B. Eddie is becoming a fascinating character and while I could go without the Tommy Dreamer tributes, he could go quite a ways off of this thing. Kross being Aries’ muscle isn’t something I’m thrilled with as Kross could be something special on his own. I’m not sure why he should be working for someone else, even the World Champion, when he could be a top heel on his own. If nothing else it does make more sense to have him lay out Anthony Carelli last week.

Kross leaves his calling card on Eddie and poses with Aries to end the show.

Overall Rating: B+. That’s back to what it was a few weeks ago with two very good matches, angle advancement and some stories that make me want to come back and see where this is going. They also set up some stuff for next week, which is a lost art in wrestling outside of NXT these days. Very strong show this week and I had a lot of fun watching it, as is the case more often than not as of late.


Taiji Ishimori/Petey Williams b. Desi Hit Squad – Implant DDT onto the knees to Raju

Tessa Blanchard b. Alisha – Hammerlock DDT

Pentagon Jr. b. Matt Sydal – Fear Factor

Austin Aries b. Eddie Edwards – Brainbuster

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