Impact Wrestling – August 2, 2018

Impact Wrestling
Date: August 2, 2018
Location: Rebel Sports Complex, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Commentators: Josh Matthews, Don Callis

Things are still fresh off of Slammiversary but at the same time we don’t really have anything big going on yet. Austin Aries’ next challenger seems to be Eddie Edwards, but I’d assume that’s more of a one off TV match than a major pay per view story. Still though, there’s enough interesting stuff going on around here to keep me entertained. Let’s get to it.

The opening video looks at Aries retaining at Slammiversary but getting jumped by Eddie. Johnny Impact, Brian Cage, Pentagon Jr. and Sami Callihan get some attention as well.

Opening sequence.

Su Yung/Undead Bridesmaid vs. Kiera Hogan/Allie

Allie and Kiera slug their way through the read of the Bridesmaids with Kiera diving onto one of them and Allie diving onto the rest. Yung gets caught inside for a double teaming but Allie gets takes into the corner as the Bridesmaid comes back in. It’s Kiera getting beaten up in the corner with Yung coming in to hammer away with wild rights and lefts.

Kiera kicks the Bridesmaid away and hits a dropkick, allowing the hot tag off to Allie. The Codebreaker is blocked so it’s the Best Superkick Ever for two on Yung instead. Everything breaks down and a fisherman’s neckbreaker drops the Bridesmaid. The Panic Switch sends Kiera outside but the Codebreaker gives Allie the pin at 6:10.

Rating: D+. That should set up Allie for the next title shot but with Tessa Blanchard in the background, there’s a chance that we might be in for a triple threat. I’m not sure if it’s the best idea to have Yung lose twice already but it’s a little better than having her go on a long undefeated streak and then losing in a tag match like this.

Post match Tessa Blanchard comes in and takes Allie out with a hammerlock DDT.

Post break Tessa mocks Alie for wanting to save everyone when she can’t even help herself. Allie is only in this for herself and isn’t getting a Knockouts Title shot before Tessa.

Aries vs. Edwards in a title match is set for next week.

OGz vs. ???/???

Hernandez throws one across the ring and Homicide hits the Gringo Killer on the other one (in a SICK landing) for the pin at 50 seconds.

Post match, King says he told us so by getting rid of Konnan and the young boys and taking their titles. Cue LAX for the brawl as Konnan watches from the ramp. Ortiz pulls out A HATCHET but security and Konnan break it up. It being the attempted murder/butchering that is.

Post break Konnan says that was a trap and they’ll get their revenge when the time is right.

Classic clip: Jushin Thunder Liger vs. Petey Williams from Sacrifice 2006.

Sami Callihan, still with a bad arm, and OVE are ticked off but tonight they’ll make up for it by beating up the Lucha Brothers.

Desi Hit Squad vs. KM/Fallah Bahh

Bahh pounds his chest to start so the Squad tries some double teaming. I say try because Bahh whips them both in for a double crossbody and the Squad is flattened. The big fat leg connects and it’s off to KM for….well nothing of note before Bahh comes in again. This time he spends too long going after Gama though and a chop block brings him down.

Raju comes in for some kicks to the ribs but Bahh crushes him in the corner. That’s enough for the tag back to KM so house can be cleaned. The double roll over has the Squad in more trouble and some pokes to the eye make them scream. KM hits a full nelson slam but Bahh won’t leave, allowing Raju to hit a jumping knee to the face. Singh adds a jumping Downward Spiral for the pin at 6:13.

Rating: D. I still don’t get the point of either of these teams but neither of them are likely to go anywhere anytime soon. The Squad is your pretty run of the mill foreign team and KM/Bahh are the oddballs, which don’t exactly inspire me either way. When the LAX vs. OGz feud is dominating the title scene, it’s not like they’re getting close to the titles anytime soon. Can we get some better filler?

Anthony Carelli gives his student Dustin Cameron a pep talk before the match with Aries tonight. Cameron leaves and Carelli prays that he doesn’t die out there.

Johnny Impact wants his rematch with Kongo Kong but gets Jimmy Jacobs instead. Before Jimmy can say much, a right hand takes him down.

Impact Wrestling World Title: Austin Aries vs. Dustin Cameron

Aries is defending, eating a banana and wearing street clothes. Cameron gets taken down with ease, followed by a headlock takeover and a walk on his back. Some judo tosses give Cameron his only offense but there’s a discus forearm into the brainbuster for two, with Aries picking him up. Carelli throws in the towel at 3:29.

Rating: D. I was tempted to not even call this a match as it was just an angle, but the problem is it’s an angle to advance Aries vs. Santino Marella. I don’t know if Carelli can get in the ring (though I don’t think he can) but this doesn’t exactly scream great idea. The angle makes sense, but I’m not sure about one of the people involved.

Post match Aries puts on the Last Chancery, drawing Carelli in. The fans chant for the Cobra but settle for a low blow to Aries instead. Eddie Edwards comes in for a kendo stick shot to send Aries running.

Alisha Edwards says she’s getting back in the ring when Eddie comes in to say things are going to be back to normal. He’s going to be World Champion again! That’s too much for Alisha and she leaves. Eddie: “Ok bye.”

Here’s Scarlett Bordeaux for a chat in the aisle. The interviewer can barely talk because he’s too busy staring at her and the stuttering is intense. Scarlett flirts with him (after naming him Bobo due to his stuttering) and says she won’t be hot shamed. He leaves and she dances a bit because the Smoke Show is here. I still need to see more of this but I don’t hate it.

Grado comes up to Eli Drake to yell about the gift from last week. A challenge for a tag match is thrown out and Drake steps to the side to grab Trevor Lee as his partner.

Grado/Joe Hendry vs. Eli Drake/Trevor Lee

The villains, including Caleb Konley, send Hendry outside and triple team Grado before Drake starts with the latter. A knee and basement clothesline have Grado in more trouble and Drake shouts to the crowd a lot. Grado is right back with his clothesline and the snap jabs but Lee pulls Hendry off the apron. The distraction lets Drake hit the Gravy Train for the easy pin at 3:12.

Rating: D-. Another match designed to be more angle advancement than anything else and that’s fine, but the match was a bunch of very simple stuff until the finish. They’re taking their time getting to Katarina leaving Grado and I’m not sure why. Unless there’s a surprise in there, we’re just kind of wasting time until we get to the obvious and correct ending.

Post match Hendry and Grado hug it out.

The Desi Hit Squad is pleased with themselves but Gama Singh comes in to slap them in the face.

Video on Brian Cage retaining the X-Division Title last week in a good match.

Sydal admits that Cage is the better man but he’ll be looking inside of himself and questioning everything.

OVE vs. Fenix/Pentagon Jr.

They start fast and take turns running at each other until the Lucha Bros slide to the floor and take stereo suicide dives into the barricade. OVE beats them up a little more with Pentagon going into the post, only to come back with stereo superkicks. Now it’s a pair of flip dives to take out the Crists as we take a break. Back with Pentagon opening Dave’s shirt for a skin ripping chop.

Fenix launches Pentagon into Jake in the corner but Sami saves him from the spike Fear Factor. Some kicks to the head sent Pentagon outside, leaving Jake to put on something like a reverse Rings of Saturn (Naomi used to use it) on Fenix. Jake and Dave take turns going for the mask until Fenix kicks Jake in the head. Pentagon comes in but the Crists tie their masks together so the Lucha Bros are in even more trouble.

The masks come untied and Jake spikes Fenix for two. Pentagon gets back up though and it’s time for some corner clotheslines, followed by stereo superkicks on Jake. Fenix hits a top rope double stomp to Jake’s back, leaving Dave to take the spike Fear Factor. A flip dive takes out Jake and Sami as Dave is pinned at 17:23.

Rating: B-. Good match here to continue the Sami vs. Pentagon feud, with Sami’s arm selling being a nice surprise. Seriously how many people sell an injury for more than a week anymore? Pentagon and Fenix are one of the best acts around right now with Pentagon looking more and more like a star every time he’s out there and Fenix being close to a modern day Juventud Guerrera with a little more size.

Killer Kross talks about realizing you’re in your final moments. The camera pans down to show an unconscious Carelli to end the show. That feels like writing him off TV, and that’s for the best.

Overall Rating: C. It’s not quite up to the standard they had a few weeks ago but this was still a perfectly watchable and at times good show. The main event is entertaining and they’ve set up a main event for next week, but there wasn’t much else as far as good wrestling went. I’ll chalk this one up to an off week and really hope that they bounce back to where they were recently. Still though, far from bad.

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